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Who woulda thunk? - Speak Friend and Enter
Grammar and Lord of the Rings
Who woulda thunk?
I was talking with a friend a couple nights ago who I unfortunately don't talk to nearly enough and during the course of our conversation, it was discovered that we share a similar taste in music. It's funny because both of us were surprised by the fact. What was cool was then when I told her I was listening to a Brazilian death metal band, she asked me to explain what death metal is rather than act disgusted, which seems to be the norm. Now I promised to make her a CD or 2 with a bunch of songs to demonstrate the variety of the underground, because right now she listens to mostly commercial bands, many of whom I consider very untalented. But she was excited to hear more. Which rules. I plan to make a bunch of comments on each song, etc. It's something I really look forward to doing.

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