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So yeah. I want to get a degree in Philosophy. For this reason my… - Speak Friend and Enter
Grammar and Lord of the Rings
So yeah. I want to get a degree in Philosophy. For this reason my dad now refers to me as the most intelligent idiot he has ever known. How's that for fatherly affection? :-\ The reasons my parents continue to try and convince me to do something else:

*You can't do anything with a Philosophy degree because nobody hires people with that.
*The other people your age are all graduating, and you should be too.

Those are the primary ones. My responses:

Mom, you're a teacher, and it took you years and years to get your credential. Dad, you're in engineering. How the fuck could either one of you possibly know what I can or cannot do with a degree in Philosophy? Have you actually researched it? No? Neither have I. But I will. The major exists for a reason, and not just for a second degree. I am so tired of hearing "get a degree in something you can make a living with, and then go back and do what you want". This is what I want, and I want to do it now. For people who are no longer paying for my education, they sure have strong opinions on what I should do with my life.

I could not give a flying fuck if people are graduating. Fucking great for them. I am not going to graduate for the sake of graduating. I will graduate when I am goddamned good and ready. When I'm 28 and we have a 10 year high school reunion and I'm in some graduate school, it will not bother me to see other people in shitty careers they hate but they have been there for 5 years so they're somehow still better off than me.

I am just really tired of my parents discouraging me from doing what I want to do. Maybe I don't seem like I have the desire. Maybe I don't. But it's up to me to decide where my life goes. So let me do that, please.

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From: (Anonymous) Date: July 2nd, 2001 12:56 am (UTC) (Link)
I know exactly what you're going through. My parents didn't pay for my education and they also told me what to take, mostly because I didn't care what I did with my life. Since getting a job right after highschool didn't work, my mom told me to go be a secretary because I *had* to have an office job because of my bad back. Well, anyways, I kinda regret doing it but I also don't. I'm not a very motivated person and I put off things for a while. I probably would have never gone to college unless someone nagged me to do it and if I didn't take a business course I wouldn't be working at this really great place in a job that I like, and making tons of money (sorta).

But yeah, I understand what you mean, parents just want the best for us and they probably see a degree in philosophy as in having no job, meaning no money, meaning you will be living with them until they die. Although, I don't practice what I preach, do what you like, and don't give a crap about what anybody thinks or says. Because its your life baby, and you're going to be living it!
slayergoddess From: slayergoddess Date: July 2nd, 2001 10:05 am (UTC) (Link)
Hey, just keep thinking the way you're thinking... you'll get somewhere. :]
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