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So let's see....yeseterday was the graduation party for one of my… - Speak Friend and Enter
Grammar and Lord of the Rings
So let's see....yeseterday was the graduation party for one of my high school friends...one of the few I actually still keep in contact with. She graduated from UOP in MIS. I showed up about 3 hours in, I stopped to drop off my car at my grandparents house so my dad could take a look at it - it was making a funny noise last weekend when I was leaving - and ate a sandwich since I hadn't had anything substantial previously yesterday. I also had to stop and get a card.....I understand the point of being polite, but I didn't want to do something I hadn't put much thought into, ya know? I wanted to do something more personal. I made sure to mention that to her. So anyway, the extent of my time there (3 hours) I knew about 3 people, all from my high school graduating class. I felt a little out of place, because the rest were Nicole's friends from school or her family. It wasn't too bad, though. She had told me beforehand that she really wouldn't be able to "talk" and that was fine with me. I was just happy that she wanted me to come.

Both when I got there and when I left, she gave me this one-armed hug that I don't understand. If you're going to hug someone, why not use both arms and embrace them or not at all? Using one arm makes it seems forced, like you are trying to be nice but not too nice. The second time I tried to hug her with both arms, but that didn't work. Hmph.

When I get back to my grandparents house, my parents had apparently just left to to out to dinner with old family friends they don't see much since they leave a couple hours away now. I was told that I was to stay around until they got back, which would be like 8. Grand. I had no idea why I was supposed to stay, but it's not like I had plans or anything. *sigh* Well, eight o'clock rolls around and there is no sign of them. I wait for another hour, then try calling the house of the people they are eating with. I ended up talking to one of their daughters who I've known for years, but she had no clue where they were either. So I tried paging them, but forgot to turn the phone off.....then showed up about 15 minutes later. The reason I was supposed to stick around was to hear about some state job information - something my mom could have easily told me on the phone this morning. Whatever.

Today is King of the Ring. The first PPV I think after the semester, so that's good. I do want to clean my pigsty of a room today and do some grocery shopping - I think I can get them both done. I figure I can work on burning those CDs for Sherry while I clean up here. Productive day, here I come. I know, I know, what am I thnking....

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