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Presently I find myself at something of a crossroads. For some time… - Speak Friend and Enter
Grammar and Lord of the Rings
Presently I find myself at something of a crossroads. For some time now I have desired to take the financial burden off of my parents, and not just because I wish to be more financially independent. Since it is obvious that I am achieving little in school aside from finding those majors that I DON'T want to do, it seems quite unfair for my parents to be paying for me to fail classes that I lost interest in halfway through the semester and stop going to altogether. If I am going to spend 10 years in school finding what I really want to do, it needs to be on my dime. But school is only part of it. My parents are still paying for my car insurance and my rent. I really don't want them to have to do this anymore. So far, our arrangement has been that when I'm in school, they pay for my rent, and during breaks, I do. Part of me says I'm only 21 and out of the house for a whopping 3 years and can't expect to be paying for everything. The other part of me says why not? It's not like I have any incentive to save these days, or worry that I might not eat a meal here or there. When I'm financially strapped, I can always go to my parents. But I don't want to have to do that. I'd really like to get a new computer - presently, it shouldn't be that hard to save the money since I'm not paying for a whole hell of a lot. I imagine that if I do start paying for a lot more, it will much harder to come by the money needed for a purchase like that. But that's life. I need to learn how to pay my own way for everything. Well, maybe not everything. They can still get my medical/optical insurance.

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