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There seem to be 2 things that get me excited these days, and neither… - Speak Friend and Enter
Grammar and Lord of the Rings
There seem to be 2 things that get me excited these days, and neither have to do with school. Those 2, of course, would be girls and music. Usuallly it's one or the other, and since I will probably never be able to reconcile the two due to my taste in music, anything is good. This time, it's music. For the last few months, my roommate and I have been researching ways to get our measly 3 watt campus radio station to broadcast on the internet. It is quite to imagine people being able to listen to our shows without having to stand outside the studio with a radio attached to their heads. For the moment at least, we seem to have struck gold. We found a program that is not only free, but is simple to set up, small, easy to use and of good quality. And the best part is that putting it all together was, in the end, incredibly simple. The extent is that we are running a cable from a stereo hardwired to the broadcast to the computer sound card and click a button on the program. We had it running last night to test, and I went home and listened in. It's just nice because nobody I tell about the show can listen to it, and now they can. Unfortunately, we don't have the approval as of yet to run it full time, since it functions on the University network and would be using their bandwidth. Both my roommate and I connected at the same time and our quality did not decrease and the amount of strain it puts on the network is minimal. We don't anticipate 78 simultaneous users, which is like the maximum for our type of network. I would just like to have 5 people listening. It's so cool. Hopefully before the end of the year it will be fully operational. Keep your fingers crossed for us.
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