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Yesterday was one of those days that can't end soon enough.....well,… - Speak Friend and Enter
Grammar and Lord of the Rings
Yesterday was one of those days that can't end soon enough.....well, so far as the work day is concerned. I was at work early to finish setting up for the Groupwise training class - we actually had it ready before the class was to start at 8! First time ever. Of course, I had 5 computers connected to the network...and 2 people showed up. There had better be more people there today so my effort is not a waste. The good news is that I know which ports work in there now, with some real certainty. So yeah, as a direct result of that, I left work yesterday 45 whole minutes early. It was worked out well, because I wanted to pseudo-clean my room at home for my company later. Of course, she never saw the bedroom but what are ya gonna do?

I went and got Subway, because I figured I wouldn't have another chance to eat for at least 3 hours, and took that with me over to the park on Howe and Cottage (anyone outside of Sacto will have no clue where that is), which is where Kayda told me she'd be playing with her work's softball team. Of course, when I get there, there's like 500 softball games going on. I was wandering around between the first two diamonds I came upon, but I didn't see anyone familiar...then I spotted another game way down at the end, but was skeptical because the players looked fairly decent. :) I meandered down there, and while I was looking around, this little cutie comes walking in my direction. Then I spotted Kayda behind her. (HAHA, just kidding!!). She was so easy to recognize. I think they were halfway through the game or something, so I just ate and watched and entertained myself with the antics of a little redhead boy playing in the dirt - and no, I'm not talking about me this time. So the game finally ended (and apparently Kayda's team got whooped on), and she followed me back to my place.

After I finished filling out the police report for this stalker, we cleared up the misunderstanding and went in. My expectation was she would be there for an hour and a half maybe, since her cousin was going to be showing up at her apartment at 9:30. Well, my time spent with her company was doubled. Which was awesome, because there were very few silences. It felt very natural and relaxed talking to her. I won't get into the sordid details, because YOU know what was said, but I enjoyed very minute of it. Can't wait to see her again.

See? My level of happiness did increase while you were there!! :-)
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