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Today was surprisingly quiet on the work front, at least after lunch.… - Speak Friend and Enter
Grammar and Lord of the Rings
Today was surprisingly quiet on the work front, at least after lunch. Damn, I just remembered the printer I was taking apart yesterday to find the inked roller. Oh, well. He'll live until tomorrow. Had to clean up a laptop for the engineers that apparently had a virus. Old computer, and yet still more powerful than my desktop. So sad. Since there was no network port on it, I had to transfer all the Norton virus definitions to it via floppy disks, and it ended up finding 2 files infected with the W97M.Class.AZ/BD/EA virus. Stupid little thing that causes no real damage. What is the point of making a virus that doesn't really do anything? Then you have the dumbasses who screw up their code and the virus doesn't run properly and actually causes more problems than if it had worked right. I had to fix a computer earlier in the week that had the Navidad worm on it - it causes an error to come up whenever you try to run a program because the programmer messed up. All clean though. Looking forward to a 3 day weekend.

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