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Another Damn Movie Review - Speak Friend and Enter
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Another Damn Movie Review
"The Trigger Effect" showed up in the mail courtesy of Netflix a few days ago. Last night, er this morning really, I watched it. The only reason it was on my list is because Elisabeth Shue is in the movie. Unfortunately, I don't think I can say the same thing about Hollowman.....but that's beside the point. If you don't know, the basic plot of this movie is this: there is a power outage affecting the entire city in which the movie is based - I don't know which city that is though - and nobody knows why. It eliminates all forms of communication, including phones. The first night, there are stories of looting and killing, and not in small quantities. The second night, a guy breaks into the house of the main characters, and they catch him outside, but as he turns to leave, the neighbor across the street shoots him. The kid only had a switchblade. They cover it up to make it look like self-defense. The next day the family makes the decision to drive to relative's house 530 miles away. Of course, since nobody will take plastic due to their being no power, only cash is acceptable, but they have none so they can't afford any gas. They have to make do with what they have and what they can get. Long story short, they don't make it, there is more shooting, carjacking, general mayhem, and then everyone lives happily ever after when the power comes back on.

That actually sounds even stupider now that I write it down. You shouldn't be mad that I gave away like the whole movie because if you actually spend money to rent it, I laugh at you. The ONLY redeeming quality of the movie is seeing the lovely Ms. Shue in a see-through bra. Oh my. There are several huge problems with the movie. For starters, the entire thing takes place over 3 days, one whole weekend. The power is out for 48 hours and everybody loses it all of a sudden. The stupidest part is that nobody bothers to walk to the power company and ask what's going on. It's like, oh, we have no phones so we have no way of communicating with anyone. Hello??? We have not become so dependent on technology and electricity that we can't still talk to people. What I really didn't get about this movie is why losing power turns people into lunatics overnight. For some reason they assume it will last for days or weeks without having a clue. The reason they chose to drive to the relative's house is for safety reasons. Well, I don't know that one person breaking into your house is cause enough for that. And does looting really get so out of control in one night? And where the hell were all the cops? They showed up for the important things, like people getting shot, but that's about it. And another thing, I think that if an entire city lost power, and might not have any, then some state or federal aid would come into play.

Basically, there is not a lot one can do with such a stupid plot idea without making everyone lose their mind in a span of a few days. There was actually some interesting camera work early, but everybody you meet in the first 5 minutes is a total asshole. I don't know why. I think that maybe the write and/or the director is a HUGE cynic. But I think this takes it way too far.
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