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Our latest creative writing assignment has to do with Enjambement,… - Speak Friend and Enter
Grammar and Lord of the Rings
Our latest creative writing assignment has to do with Enjambement, which is a method of breaking up sentences and joining words and basically throwing grammatical rules and structures out the window in order to control the rhythm of a poem. This is what I came up with, there is no title as of yet. NOTE: After seeing it posted, some of the formatting is lost. The same effect is mostly intact, but there is originally more space between letters on the "a thousand...." line, the part "something to the..." has the rest of the line going vertically down with one word right underneath the other, and "the blood..." moves diagonally downwards to the right for the waterfall effect. Hope that helps.

the silence is deafening.
thoughts echo in
my head, a vast cave.
i am not here
in this jungle, this
leafy tomb. i am home
on the farm, i am
back with them.

a signal from ahead
brings me back to
a t h o u s a n d m i l e s f r o m h o m e
something to the
a sighting,
the silence is shattered
by a horrific noise -
there is no describing the
sound of
a dying man.


i fire
at an unseen enemy.
i see him then.
or at least
what remains.
the blood
a crimson waterfall;
he is lucky.

i think of my
my heart aches
out of longing.
or perhaps it is
the bullet.

It was kinda fun to write. Most of my poems don't rhyme anyway, but shaping it somewhat was a new experience. Tell me what you think.

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pinkfu From: pinkfu Date: March 5th, 2001 12:15 am (UTC) (Link)
1 pity screw or Do me