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LJ Interests meme results belief systems: I'm not religious,… - Speak Friend and Enter
Grammar and Lord of the Rings

LJ Interests meme results

  1. belief systems:
    I'm not religious, but I'm interested in why people are, and that extends to wanting to know about the different types of Christianity, Hinduism, Islam, Buddhism, etc etc. What draws a person to it?
  2. creation:
    I'm happiest when I'm creating something...it really has nothing to do with "the" creation.
  3. dvds:
    Mostly because I like movies, but good DVDs are tight.
  4. honesty:
    Probably the single most important aspect I would ever ask of someone who intended to be part of my life. Without honesty, there's no trust, and without trust, there will never be a real relationship.
  5. john petrucci:
    Dream Theater's godly guitar player. I love listening to his work, whether it be Dream Theater, Liquid Tension Experiment, or random one-offs.
  6. making movies:
    A hobby that I don't make enough time for - gaming movies, or machinima, to be exact. I've made 4 counter-strike movies, and have a million plans for more. I also am working in the game The Movies which has a fantastic tool for creating films.
  7. nevermore:
    Seattle, WA-based heavy metal band.
  8. reading:
    Not much to say here...I've been reading forever. It always surprises me when people don't like to read for pleasure.
  9. spirituality:
    see #1 - I'm not completely anti-spirituality; personally I have my own beliefs, they just generally don't involve a higher power. I'd like to learn more about people's experiences, as I see it as a valuable learning experience.
  10. vitalij kuprij:
    A keyboard prodigy from somewhere in Eastern Europe. I first heard of him on Launchcast when "Improvisations on a Theme by J.S. Bach" came on randomly, and I about blew my load...it was unreal. I only have one CD of his work, but it contains that song.

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