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Funny how my use for this thing has almost completely disappeared.… - Speak Friend and Enter
Grammar and Lord of the Rings
Funny how my use for this thing has almost completely disappeared. The people that should know about my life do. Are you curious? Well, I'm going to be done with my degree in August, only 9 years after finishing high school. It will post in October, and then I can start making my plan for the great escape to Washington. That's the goal. In the meantime, it looks like I'll be hanging around here another year, which is longer than I intended, but won't kill me. I'm keeping busy. The rest is really inconsequential, but ask if you want. The real reason I wanted to post was because of some news I saw randomly after I got home. It crushed me.

Kirby Puckett dies at 45

Kirby was my favorite player, ever. In any sport. I have an entire collection of memorabilia that is all him. He set such an example as a decent person, and a loyal player who stayed with one team his entire career, that I loved to see him play the game. I was flipping channels when I saw something about the Twins and switched back, only to hear the news. I practically started crying. I personally don't believe the things he was accused of in recent years, but in any case it's his playing days that made him a hero of mine. RIP Puck.
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