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3 hours into the new year, i got into my first car accident ever. it… - Speak Friend and Enter
Grammar and Lord of the Rings
3 hours into the new year, i got into my first car accident ever. it was a pretty good one i think. i was driving down the highway in cruise control when i noticed something in the road ahead. by the time i realized it was an unmoving car, i was a couple hundred feet away and hit the brakes as hard as i could. luckily i walked away with just a couple bruises to show for it (yay airbags). this fucking car was sitting in the fast lane with no lights on, and no occupants. blammo. my car is torn up pretty good, i'm not sure if it will get salvaged or not (the right front wheel well is absolutely destroyed from the impact). a lot of people stopped to see if people (i.e. me) were OK, so that was cool. eventually the CHP came and sorted things out for me, and drove me home after the tow company hauled off my hunk of metal, formerly known as a Sentra. on the way home i got another little excitement, as they pulled a guy over for weaving in his lane. he blow a .05, but was under 21. they decided to let him go because they got called to another accident in the center median and it took priority. those cops drive really fucking fast no matter where they are, i tell ya. there's probably more to the story but it's 5 AM now, i've talked to my insurance company (who may or may not get back to me before tuesday night because of the holiday) and i'm tired since i've been up for almost 24 hours now. fucking great.
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abstracted From: abstracted Date: January 3rd, 2006 04:18 pm (UTC) (Link)
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