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Here Phishy Phishy - Speak Friend and Enter
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Here Phishy Phishy
Well, I'm no longer the capable net-surfer I once claimed to be. A few minutes ago, I got phished. And I grabbed at the worm on that hook like my life depended on it.

I was checking my Yahoo Mail, when I saw one from PayPal from November 5th, but I hadn't seen it before. I assumed it had some delay in reaching me, as it's happened before with other e-mails. Curious about the subject line, I opened it:

It looked pretty legit. I mean, for all I know, someone really had tried to access my account. Who knows these days? The address was nicely spoofed, as you can see when it's compared to the emails I got from the actual PayPal:

What should have tipped me off was, of course, the subject. Who misspells suspended like that? A common mistake I make is reading a word as it's intended to be spelled, not as it's actually spelled. I glossed right over that glaring error. Oops. So, I clicked the link. It opened this site:

Again, looks pretty legit. Thinking nothing of it, I put in my username and password, as I always do when I go to their site. This was where my IT smarts kicked in, albeit rather belatedly. Logging in took me to a page asking for pretty much all of my identifiable information, sans my driver's license number. I scrolled down to see it asking for bank account numbers, credit cards, etc. and thought, "That's odd that they would need all that again just to verify who I am." Then I checked the status bar - no padlock. This page wasn't secured, so there was no way I would be putting in my information. That's when it hit me that I might have been fooled, so I checked the URL to the site:

Yeah, I'd been had. So, the first thing I did was log into the real PayPal site and change my password. Granted, I have no money so it's not like a criminal would be able to do much with my information, but the possibility exists. I'm going to check with them as well about how secure I am. I am assuming that my password was grabbed, but probably not used before I changed it.

So there's a lesson for you, kiddies. Always read the fine print.
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irascible_liar From: irascible_liar Date: December 6th, 2005 08:28 am (UTC) (Link)
seen it
didn't have paypal
realized it was bs

sorry they got you though
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