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I remember three different things I dreamed about last night,… - Speak Friend and Enter
Grammar and Lord of the Rings
I remember three different things I dreamed about last night, strangely enough. (Note: Details never seem to be important in my dreams, so I don't have many.)

One was a dream about living in some dorm. I think I was going to the bathroom to take a shower, and this particular dorm had one huge bathroom for guys and girls, just separated by halves, or something. Anyway, as I'm walking in, I hear a group of girls complaining that there's no hot water, so I check a tap and lo and behold, they're right. No hot water. So, whether it was because I wanted to "troubleshoot" and see if it was the same on other floors, or if I just figured I'd shower on the 4th, I went downstairs. I walked into their room, or something (not exactly sure what it was) and this floor is amazing. In the bathrooms, each sink has its own oval mirror and little container tubes to hold things, and they are all tilted forward a little. Tons of hot water. Then I check out the rest of the area. They have their own laundry room, with probably a dozen washers and dryers each. I think I about fainted at the sight of that. The rest is pretty fuzzy, so I'll move on to the next dream.

Dream #2 is pretty short. I was eating dinner with my family (mom, dad, sister) and we had gotten burgers from some unnamed establishment. They looked pretty gross, kind of like flat footballs, even to the texture. For some reason, nobody had what they wanted, so in the end there was this pile of patties and buns all over the table as we figured out which parts of which burgers we wanted. I'm not sure what the deal was with that.

Finally, we come to the finale. This is the dream I was having when I woke up this morning a few minutes before my alarm went off. I was either watching the new Zorro movie, or actually "in" the Zorro movie, to the extent that it was a an actual event taking place. Anthony Hopkins as Zorro was fighting Don Rafael (didn't they both die??) in a swordfight, when suddenly, due to of course the years in between the two, Don Rafael pulls out some kind of handheld gatling gun and mows Zorro down. Blood is absolutely coating the guy. As I go over to him, vainly trying to save him, there's some *poof* and now, it's Syche lying on the ground trying to stave off death, in a parking lot in some place I can only guess at. She seems to die like three times, each time coming back and quoting something she wrote in her LJ (in the dream world, not in reality*)**. After the third grasp at life...something comes over me and we start to make out, assumedly because we never actually did - which is a weird way to meld the dream with reality. I woke up during the good part. How odd.

*Leaving out for the moment the debate about what's real and what's not, and whether what we think is a dream is actual reality
**Asterisk idea stolen from cmpriest shamelessly, so here's credit.
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irascible_liar From: irascible_liar Date: December 3rd, 2005 08:38 am (UTC) (Link)
you made out with me while i was dying? gross :)
suffocated From: suffocated Date: December 3rd, 2005 09:40 am (UTC) (Link)
well, you were dying, and then not, and then dying...it was really weird. haha :p
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