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It really is a new era in Americana when it's not just good enough to… - Speak Friend and Enter
Grammar and Lord of the Rings
It really is a new era in Americana when it's not just good enough to apologize, to do the right thing (albeit without really seeming to want to), and to offer to make amends. No no, if you screw up in this country, and you have money, well, someone is going to sue you. In this case, a politician looking to advance his career (come on, the state Attorney General getting involved in this?). I have no sympathy for Sony, because they're either idiots or liars for putting a product like that on their CDs, but they are at least trying to fix it. What bothers me is the accusations regarding still being able to buy their CDs after the recall - what are they supposed to do, send a corporate representative to every location selling their music and personally oversee the recall? It's the fucking retail store's fault for not taking them off the shelves, not Sony's. And yet, that will probably factor into the case. At least Texas isn't going for enormous amounts of money.

The EFF, on the other hand, will surely try to create some great PR from this, as the little guy who stood up to the big bad company. I didn't ask them to sue on my behalf, I don't even buy BMG CDs. The customers don't need a refund, they can get a copy of the same CD without the copy protection. What a waste of time.
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