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do me a favor, and tell me some things about me that bug you, annoy… - Speak Friend and Enter
Grammar and Lord of the Rings
do me a favor, and tell me some things about me that bug you, annoy you, make you question my ability to function socially. personality traits, behavior, whatever. i have a far too idealized vision of myself and i need to know what i can improve on. be honest, but not mean :]
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shadowed_ruins From: shadowed_ruins Date: November 13th, 2005 05:23 am (UTC) (Link)
Oh, beleive me. I've tried asking the same questions. People will ignore it and not comment at all, hence the lack of comments on yours. To have faults is to be human, and we're all stuck that way. We all have problems that we hid and others we desperately want to change but can never see the problem. Others lives may look fantastic and seem to everything, but if you look closer, we all struggle with our own demons. Not even the riches person in the world would be truely happy.

I hope I've helped. Focus on whats good and know that its good it could all be worse.
From: (Anonymous) Date: November 18th, 2005 08:22 pm (UTC) (Link)
Well, just from reading your journal for the past couple of months, I can tell two things about you, probably one of which you may already know, and the second probably won't agree with me on.

The first is you are lazy. How many projects have you started off and never finished? I saw a claymation icon in your journal and you speaking of various claymation stuff, yet, when was the last time you even tried making your own claymation movie? But hey, maybe that medium wasn't for you, but if that was the only case, it could be let go.

Then you quit Nano within a week of it starting, though you said you got a really good idea for a script thing, and how has that been coming along? Been writing every day, have a storyline made up, or is it just one of those things on the to-do list? I could probably use that family guy quote where the baby is talking to the dog about his novel, but i don't watch it enough to know the exact quote.

And what about your counterstrike movies? When is the next one coming out? I mean, the two you had on your web site were, to put it nicely, craptacular, but at least you were doing something. Given that idea up as well?

And how is saving up for your move to LA? I would imagine you have a couple thousand saved up by now, or at least have most of your credit cards paid down, or are you still spending money left and right on crap like netflix and amazon? I can understand paying for books/education but how much crap do you buy, it is like, do you even have a budget set up? Of course a budget would be what a responsible person would have set up and I don't think you are that in the first place.

And how goes looking for a job down there, I am sure you got a couple resumes floating down there and some good prospects by now. Or were you just hoping to move down there, mouch off friends/family and have a job fall in your lap?

Probably the most obvious is the lack of exercise. In one post you posted how much you weighed in highschool and how much you currently weighed, and has that second number increased from that post or decreased? Ohh, you ate vegetables for once, how long will that stay in effect until you start gorging yourself on fast food again?

I mean there are so many projects and things I know I could point out for examples of you being lazy, but I think you get the idea.

The second thing, the one you probably won't agree with me is you are a jerk. You of course tell yourself that you are a nice guy, and I am sure your friends will say the same thing. They are your friends, they are suppose to say that. But let's just take an example from your journal.

So you get a girl over to your house, make out or whatever with her. Yay congrats, big achievement for a 26 year old. Anyway, so you have a good time together, whatever, does a nice guy A. talk to her the next day, B. brag to his friends in an online PUBLIC journal, by posting a picture of her shirt as some sort of trophy, or C all of the above? If you answered A, you are indeed a nice guy, and if you chose B or C you are a jerk. Now which one would you chose?

Heck, I can understand you know telling your close friends in person, it was a big accomplishment for you, but come on, you bragged in an online journal about it, one how pathetic, and two how big of a jerk are you? I sure hope this girl didn't give you any compromising photos of herself that were just for you, you would probably share them around with your friends, cause that is what jerks do.

Now, you are indeed a nice guy to all these girls you are friends with, will go out of your way to help them, and how many of them are you in "love" with or were in "love" with? Or are nice to them cause they have lots of females friends with which to set you up with? But you may just be a nice guy with jerkish tendancies, I am just by going off your journal pointing out what I see.

So that is my answer to your question, you are lazy and you are a jerk. You said don't be mean, and I wasn't trying to be mean, just tell you what I see.

By the way Suffocated rocks! \m/
suffocated From: suffocated Date: November 19th, 2005 12:44 am (UTC) (Link)
Wow. First of all, thanks for being the first person to really reply with an answer. Unfortunately, you posted anonymously, so you lose credibility. If you actually know me, I'd appreciate knowing who you are, but if you are just some person who read over some journal entries, it doesn't really hold as much water. Who I am online isn't an exact replica of who I am in person. Let me answer some of your points in turn:

1. I'm lazy. Well, that's true to an extent, I can't deny that. I do however disagree that it defines me as a general statement. I think that moreso than lazy, I am noncomittal. To me, lazy implies I never do anything, which is completely untrue. I just don't finish anything. Even that is hyperbole.

In regards to my projects, I'll be specific. Claymation is very difficult for a beginning animator with no good armatures. Relying on the clay, or wooden dowels, to hold the creations together is shaky at best. What I've changed my focus to is stop-motion animation using pre-constructed figures. I have a wooden model I picked up at an art store that I've done some actual experimenting with on film, but yes, it hasn't progressed far. Also, I've made small steps toward my GI Joe Kung Fu battle. Again, nothing noteworthy.

As for writing, I can't really argue. I have written down story ideas, summaries, synopses, even began writing dialogue for a video game idea I had, but nothing substantial. Namo is a waste of time for me, anyway. What I have been doing instead is studying for a certification exam. It's fairly essential to my continued employability, so that's fair motivation, but I'm reading through an 800 page study guide and I'm about 300 pages in in the last few weeks. Maybe that's not much, but it's rather thick material at times.

Counterstrike movies? Been to the website lately? There's four movies, now. One of which was completed a couple months ago, if I recall correctly. Again, I have some ideas, I've spent significant time on pre-production work on one of them, because I intend to make it as good as I can on the first attempt. Is anything on film? No. See above paragraph for where my time is being funneled currently. Of course, I waste time as anyone else does. I don't study every minute I'm outside class or work. Nobody does.

As for my finances, that's really nobody's concern but mine. Yeah, I use netflix. It's about the only luxury I have or spend money on. I cancelled my cable service, I haven't watched TV in days, I can't remember when I bought a CD or movie last. What I make simply doesn't cover what I owe. It's completely my fault being in this position, but please try being in my shoes before passing judgment.

What else...moving to LA. I'm not even sure I want to do that. Can I afford it? Hell no. First I'm worried about completing school (I suppose I won't finish that since I'm so lazy, even with 7 months left to go). I live alone, which means all the rent, and all the bills are mine. It was my choice, that is true, but for someone who hasn't done it, it's impossible to understand the struggle.

My weight. My greatest nemesis. I know I'm losing it, and yeah, I do eat vegetables more often than I post about it. I'm not slim, but then, I've never been. I haven't taken strides to correct this, point for you.

2. I'm a jerk. Maybe I'm reading this wrong, but you come to this conclusion because I posted a picture of a girl's shirt in my journal. First of all, you committed an ad hominem attack with the sarcastic remark about it being a big achievement for my age, so the rest I can pretty much disregard. But I won't. How does C being correct make me a jerk? Wouldn't A & B cancel each other out? One is nice, the other is a jerk, but apparently doing it all only makes me a jerk. Nice how that works.

I suppose that covers most of it. Please feel free to tell me who you are. By the way, thanks for posting, because now having responded I feel a lot better about myself.
suffocated From: suffocated Date: December 13th, 2005 08:57 pm (UTC) (Link)
I'm going to assume that you don't get notice of these responses through e-mail since you posted anonymously, but seriously, if you have any backbone at all, tell me who you are.
4 pity screws or Do me