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After taking a couple A+ practice exams, I found that I know a lot… - Speak Friend and Enter
Grammar and Lord of the Rings
After taking a couple A+ practice exams, I found that I know a lot more about DOS & Windows than I do about hardware specifications. Still not as good as it should be, but i got about 2/3 of it right and I haven't looked at any of the OS stuff in the study book I got the other day. It was just what I already knew. So, I'm excited that I'm getting started on improving myself by looking into all these certifications which will make me a lot more marketable. I still think what I will end up doing with them is putting them on a business card when I start a home business doing PC repair on-call. Working on an individual level is so much more satisfying than the network/enterprise level. It's real problems, not "Oh my god you didn't keep my screensaver when you upgraded my Windows?" I really need to draw up a plan for that, because I think it would be awesome. I don't like having a boss.

To switch gears, how bad has Supernatural been lately? I hope that the network has something up their sleeves for sweeps because right now that show is tanking. It started out so promising, and has turned into a run-of-the-mill Freak of the Week clone, a la X-Files, Buffy, and Smallville. Except X-Files had atmosphere and chemistry, Buffy had wit, and Smallville....has hotties. It's like they aren't even trying anymore. Every week, the setup at the beginning gets weaker and weaker. Mention Dad once, to remind us that oh yeah, there IS a larger plot at work, it's just not being developed in the least. Then, find the randomest crimes in America and a) always be right about the supernaturalness (wtf?) of it, and b) get to the action as fast as possible. The characters stopped being interesting in the second episode, because they don't change at all. The whole show is single-minded. The only thing retaining my interest is the particular myths, legends, etc. that they choose to investigate. Last night they started treading thin ice on that one. They rolled at least 3 distinct urban legends into one for purposes of, I don't know, NOT HAVING ANY STORY. Urban Legend 1: The guy with the hook, where at the end of the story the couple drives home and finds the hook hanging on the door handle. Urban Legend 2: Boyfriend gets murdered and hung upside down so his hands scratch the roof and girl thinks it's the trees (I can't remember, in the legend does she even know?). Urban Legend 3: Person comes home, hears roommate making a ruccus in their bed, assumes they are getting laid. In the morning, they are murdered and the message "Aren't you glad you didn't turn on the light?" is written on the wall in blood. This episode butchered pretty much all of them, and tried to combine them into one hookman story. For one, the third legend was completely wrong. It didn't even make logical sense. It clearly shows the girl going to sleep, and her roommate alive and well, and the hookman hiding behind the door. Assumedly he kills the roommate at some point during the night, during which the girl never stirs or, you know, has occasion to turn on the light. SHE NEVER HAD A REASON TO SUSPECT ANYTHING WAS GOING ON, AND SO DIDN'T NEED TO TURN ON ANY LIGHTS. WTF. The resolution to this particular episode was incredibly sloppy. They just burn everything silver they find in the house and church because the hookman has a silver hook (also, the real legend has him as an actual living person, in the show he's a spirit from like 150 years before). So, yeah, this show is starting to blow.

I think there was other stuff I meant to mention in my post but I got all caught up in that rant. Perhaps later.


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