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tomorrow blockbuster is doing some open interviews or something, and… - Speak Friend and Enter
Grammar and Lord of the Rings
tomorrow blockbuster is doing some open interviews or something, and i thought i'd see if i could get a part-time job working there. free rentals, nice perk. anyway, i was to fill out the online application beforehand. i finished a few minutes ago after a fucking odyssey of a process. i am so sick of companies using personality tests as part of their application process, and here's why:

1. answering a bunch of questions about whether i agree or disagree on a statement, and whether it's a strong feeling, does not adequately define my personality.
2. a relatively shrewd person will realize which answers are best, i.e. what the employer is looking for, and mark those.
3. i won't lie.
4. it is a totally lazy way to evaluate potentional employees. fucking interview me if you want an idea of how i interact with people, and how my general temperament is.

so, we'll see what happens tomorrow morning. today i had lunch in the park again, a fine feast of so-so fried rice and breaded chicken from the deli on the opposite corner from my building. upon my arrival to the entrance of the park, i heard strains of what sounded like bagpipes and ventured forth to discover the source. my quest was rewarded with a sighting of some pipe & drum corps that was apparently practicing in prepration for some event yet to come. bagpipes serenading me while i eat my lunch? what a kickass friday, thought i. and then, Mr. Random Park Refugee walks over and starts talking to me. god damn, this guy would not leave me alone, and i'm frankly far too nice to suggest otherwise. i was treated to such anecdotes as his death in the civil war at the hands of some scalp-minded Indians, and his life as a dock worker in the 1600s. good stuff. eventually, he left, but so did the band :[

and finally, a retelling of last night's br00tal death metal madness. after 4 phone calls, it became apparent that Sean, whom i used to work with, was not going to be accompanying me to his first death metal show. and what a show to miss, jesus. i showed up having apparently missed the first band. i was (mis)treated to Despised Icon, who are awful songwriters. they have TWO vocalists who do little other than scream into the mic, try to look really tough, and walk around the stage. every song was an exercise in emotional release, but more on that later. Aborted was next, and they were OK. i might check out some of their stuff, as it actually had some kind of flow to the music. there was a beginning and an end, and it made sense. of course, i was really only there for two bands. Cryptopsy was disappointing in one respect - there was an appalling lack of a stageshow. they set up, Lord Worm came out with no dramatic entrance, and they started playing. it didn't really matter, because their set killed. i really wish that they had been co-headliners, but them's the breaks. they played 3 or 4 new tracks off the CD that comes next Tuesday (Once Was Not, same day as Quake 4 i think), which are always difficult for me to properly review. hearing songs i'm not familiar with in a live setting tend to render them forgotten shortly as i have no basis to discuss them. they also played We Bleed; Cold Hate, Warm Blood; Abigor; Mutant Christ; Benedictine Convulsions; and closed with Phobophile, which is my favorite song ever by them and was greeted with a huge response from the crowd.

Suffocation took the stage a short time later, as Flo's drum kit setup is immensely complicated and takes almost as much time to break down as it does to set up. songs: Breeding the Spawn, Infecting the Crypts, Prelude to Repulsion, Subconsciously Enslaved, Tomes of Acrimony, Liege of Inveracity, Catatonia, Pierced from Within, Suspended in Tribulation (my favorite song of theirs as well, so excited when they played it), Surgery of Impalement, and closed with Funeral Inception, which ended up being one of the most violent live songs I've experienced. what i like about Suffocation, ironically, is their total lack of stage presence. they go out there and play their asses off, and feed off the crowd. Frank especially gets really into it, but you don't remember Suffcation shows for the visual aspects. it's all about the sound. they were totally on last night, and i loved every second of it.

now for the small rant. metal shows, and death metal shows in particular, have officially become parodies of themselves. most of the bands forming these days in garages have no concept of musical knowledge; they seek a release for whatever emotions they are dealing with (apparently it's a bunch of angry white kids) and use music to accomplish that. normally i'd be in favor of that as a creative outlet, but the fact is most of these bands wouldn't know creativity if it bent them over and went for a joyride in their ass. they think that being "heavy" and writing mundane, slow riffs is what makes good music, and it's so boring i want to rip my ears off. it's all well and good when it's kept to the garage, but how a band like Despised Icon got on this tour just seems to speak of the greed mentality of even the most diehard metal labels. yes, people get into it, but that doesn't mean it's any good. on the flip side, the crowds at these shows don't even come for the bands any more. they come for the noise - just as playing the music is a release for the band, going to the shows is a release for the audience. for many, the release translates to running around, hitting as many people as possible in some weird attempt to not look gay by doing really gay things. they don't know who these bands are, they don't know the history, they've probably only heard the most recent material. it's a heavy show that lets them mosh, so they go. this was probably never more poignantly demonstrated than when Flo walked out among the crowd during a break between bands and not one person stopped him to introduce themelves, etc. i'm really not sure how many people even recognized him. it's frustrating for me when i go to hear these bands play and have to spend half the time fending off 300 pound assholes who need more constructive exercise programs.

good show, though.


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funnyz0r From: funnyz0r Date: October 17th, 2005 03:40 pm (UTC) (Link)
Oh boon. You amaze me. Random civil war acts?

: )
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