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Being a guy, I was thinking about something today that seems to… - Speak Friend and Enter
Grammar and Lord of the Rings
Being a guy, I was thinking about something today that seems to dominate a good portion of my daily thought process: breasts. Specifically, what the big deal is about them. I mean, honestly, of all the different body parts, they seem to have more use for practical purpose than recreational, speaking strictly in terms of usefulness. I'm just stuck on the necessity, at least in the sexual aspect. The best reason seems to be for some sort of place to hold on - I mean hey, 2 hands, 2 breasts, coincidence? But it's not like they're necessary for completing the act, or even starting it. Personally, the size of a girl's breasts, while obviously being something I take notice of, does not influence my attraction to her. What's the point? The main thing is that it's something that only comes into play at a certain point, and while it seems that point arrives sooner and sooner, I'd rather put it off a little bit. To be completely honest, big breasts are more of a nuisance than anything. DISCLAIMER: I HAVE NO PERSONAL EXPERIENCE TO BASE ANY OF THIS ON - IT IS JUST MY OPINION BASED ON LOTS OF THINKING. It's just that, there are a lot of places on a woman's body to focus attention, why spend so much time in one place? Maybe I'm overthinking all of this. But I'm not so sure; why do women get implants? I can think of no reason that is based on self-gratification. What I mean is, what provokes the musing "I wish my boobs were bigger"? It doesn't seem to make much sense that a woman just wants bigger breasts - there must be some motivation that is based on something other than feeling happier. In particular, it seems a disproportionate amount are in the entertainment industry, and from that I've concluded that the single most common reason for implants is at the behest of someone else, usually some kind of employer. Which I really don't get. I don't know, are there girls that just did it for no particular reason? I seem to be getting away from the original point of this entry.

I've been to strip clubs, and sometimes I notice something: the girls that are more pectorally endowed don't put as much effort into the routine, relying on the size of their melons to get attention. It's the girls that are less rounded that really put on a show because they have "less" to work with. Often they are the ones that give the better lap dances as well.....but perhaps I'm revealing too much. Well, I haven't mentioned any clubs so screw it. Maybe I'm just making an attempt to distance myself from the rest of my gender again and show some maturity. But I believe what I wrote. Case in point is the girl I'm interested in right now - she wouldn't win any Miss Buxom contests, but I couldn't really care less. And I haven't even been out with her yet.

So, am I nuts?

I love when it's raining outside and it's quiet inside. I play Skepticism's CD and turn off the lights and just fall into the atmosphere of it all.

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pinkfu From: pinkfu Date: March 3rd, 2001 10:32 pm (UTC) (Link)
Chris sez:

So, am I nuts?


Different strokes for different folks. Some guys like boobs because their first lay was a chick with huge knockers. (Hell, any sort of pre-pubescent exposure would do it.)

I like men with a little tummy. Love Handles. I am guessing I love 'em because my first infatuation had a really nice body but had that little bit of a tummy.

Now that I think about it, the entire body type that he was is a turn on.

I have sorta big boobs. Double Cs. (I just found out my real size and that there was such a size as CC. I guess if I actually wore a bra I would know this.) I kinda dig the fascination men have with my rack. But there is an overkill limit. I would have to kick some dude out of bed if all he focused on was my boobs.

And yes, boobs are a hassle. Would you always wannna kill someone while shopping because a shirt may fit you everywhere BUT your tits? Not to mention trying to run down some stairs...

Why do women get implants? Low self-esteem? I'm not sure.

I like women with smaller boobs. lol
pillar From: pillar Date: March 3rd, 2001 11:12 pm (UTC) (Link)
My personal feeling is that what I don't have seems like it would be better. When I was a teen and my breasts were smaller (B), I thought it would be the cat's meow to have larger breasts. Now that I do (naturally), I so wish they were smaller. The thing I notice the most is: people notice your tits more than your face if you have big hooters (form fitting shirt is a plus in this exercise).

Having larger breasts is a huge pain when it comes to buying bras. They are more expensive, and it's more difficult to find one that fits right, and still makes them natural looking. Jumping jacks are a no-no. Buying clothes is also a pain. Most things fit everywhere but in the boob area (you would think clothing designers would have figured out how a woman's body is built by now).
From: (Anonymous) Date: March 6th, 2001 09:14 pm (UTC) (Link)

Boob Jobs

I just wanted to say that in RARE cases, such as my own, a boob job is necessary. For example, one of my boobs is a C and one is an A. Its so funny that I found this website tonight because I'm going to get a boob job tomorrow at 6 in the morning! How hilarious is that? Actually, I am quite scared, as I have never even had my tonsils out. It is going to be the worst pain of my life thus far, leaving room of course for child birth, which I have yet to experience. I think it will be worth it though, because I will look normal in a baithing suit this summer. Not to mention the fact that I will never have to stuff one side of my bra ever again! Nor will anyone ever refer to me as "Loppy" ever again.
This is not a joke. This is my life. I am not shallow, nor do I have low self esteem. I am getting a boob job to be NORMAL looking. The end.
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