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update! up until about 7pm tonight i was in a pretty good… - Speak Friend and Enter
Grammar and Lord of the Rings

up until about 7pm tonight i was in a pretty good mood.  i was thinking "i've sorta got my life in order, except not having any money still and having too many bills."  then i got a phone call about a bill and ugh. 

but i'm optimistic about some things.  i was looking over my school records and it seems that i'm taking too many classes (i wish that was somehow odd to hear, but it just isn't knowing me) to graduate with a simple english major.  i guess i wasn't sure when i scheduled out 14 months ahead if i was going to do the single subject prep or not, but i know now that i'm not and it looks like there's a good 2-3 classes i already took that were unnecessary and 2 more i'm signed up for in the summer/fall that also don't appear to have any particular use except adding more debt and units.  if i had just done this thing the easy way and take what appears to be the 11 classes i needed, i'd be done in july.  not sure how i managed to screw that up but i think based on the rough scheduling i did the other night, i can take a required class every month through january excepting november because there just isn't anything, and be done just after the new year.  now i just have to run that by an advisor so they can tell me what i'm forgetting and oh yeah, i really do have a lot more classes than i think.  you need 180 quarter units to graduate, and i have 230 right now.  ................................yeah

i've decided recently that i'm tired of being taken for granted by people who supposedly care about me.  i know it's because i don't make a big deal about things, and i'm not saying that i'll start, but really how hard is it to pick up the god damn phone and talk to me.  am i really that important to people who ignore me like this?  i find it hard to believe.  and you know me, i'm not confrontational at all, so i have to learn that skill because i'm going to step on some toes and hurt some feelings, but if people can't deal with that then perhaps it's time i found some real friends.

really hoping my tax refund shows up soon.  there's a way to track it on the IRS website but you have to know the exact amount and i simply don't, just a ballpark.  since last year's went to part of my down payment on my car, i'm sort of looking forward to it.  but, mostly because i can use it to pay down some debt and ya know, maybe buy a new TV.  if i'm right and i'll be done with school sooner than i thought, it will make me anxious because graduation = legitimate job and that = financial stability.  sure maybe it's a little idealistic but that piece of paper means a lot in this market and i could sure use the increase in pay, it's tough at the bottom. 

need to find ways to meet people, that my friends will do with me.  i'm no good on my own.
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