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with a few minutes to kill before i leave for work (regular casual… - Speak Friend and Enter
Grammar and Lord of the Rings
with a few minutes to kill before i leave for work (regular casual day after i spent the whole week wearing ties and fearing today would be more of the same, YAY), i thought i'd jot down a few quick things.

can you jot something on a keyboard?  hrm.

work, while still not what i want to be doing, hasn't been as bad as usual.  i got employee of the month for February, marking the third time i got it since i've been there (coming up on 16 months).  not bad for a little file clerk.  it seems most of my work this week has been fixing various mechanical and electronic devices - the copy machine, the mailing machine approximately 4 times when nobody knew what was wrong with it, etc.  which is fine by me, except my normal work piles up like mad.  of course, now that i've been such a handyman, not only do all the units in legal want me on their team once i move up, but so does the admin unit across the hall :p  let's see who will be the highest bidder!

i was fearful that i would have to help my sister move yet again this weekend, but my mom told me i don't have to come now, apparently she has people helping her which is fine by me.  she's never helped me move, so i don't have any problems sitting this one out.  especially since it means i can see my friends' show this weekend on either friday or sunday (probably tonight) PLUS go to the surprise party for Justin, the guy at whose house i watched the Super Bowl.  wondering if Drea willl be there, and if so, what i'll do :|

one of my trainees, Nancy, likes me.  at least she's obvious enough about it that i can pick up on it, which is a nice change.  it's too bad i'm not really into her, though.  still hung up on the same 3 girls as usual, and still getting absolutely no sign that i have a chance with any.  YAY!

started my Mythology class this week.  looks like it should be a cake-walk so long as i DO THE WORK.  mostly just writing which i can always bs my way through with relative ease.  but, it's interesting subject matter which i've always enjoyed so look out.  next week i get to read the creation myth for the Norse culture, to which i exclaimed in class "sweet!" because i love Norse myths. 

2 minutes to go, better gather my stuffs.  i haven't been able to have my Zen at work all week and i'm so happy i can listen to music today.  yesterday the company had this auction where various things from Circuit City and elsewhere could be "bought" using vouchers earned for performance during March.  our department got a late start on it and consequently had to try to fiddle with the numbers.  i got royally screwed as nothing went for less than what i had total, but that's ok because the only thing there i didn't already have (besides the gift certificates) was the playstation 2 :\  next time i'll rule it all. 

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funnyz0r From: funnyz0r Date: April 8th, 2005 04:31 pm (UTC) (Link)
Yay boon, Boonette and I miss you a lot, I'm excited that you're going to be there tonight!!!

you=amazing in all kinds of ways.

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