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i'm going to start with all the movies i've seen recently because it… - Speak Friend and Enter
Grammar and Lord of the Rings
i'm going to start with all the movies i've seen recently because it seems like an appropriate way to begin.

the day after tomorrow: pretty boring, but the scene with the tornadoes in LA was pretty cool.
Troy: overly long and dramatized, Eric Bana was awesome and the fight between his Hector and Pitt's Achilles was well done.
harold and kumar go to white castle: funny moments but quite literally used toilet humor, which automatically rules it out as anything worth watching again.
van helsing: oh it was so so bad, i mean wow.  how can you take classic movie monsters like that and butcher it so badly.  nothing made a lick of sense and i'm sorry but kate beckinsale is hot as hell but her choices of movies make you wonder what's going on upstairs.
chronicles of riddick: i liked pitch black, i thought it was clever and original and made the best of what it was.  this sequel actually put me to sleep, i don't know what happened at the end and i don't care because it was SO GOD DAMN BORING.  the idea behind the necromongers could have been interesting but i guess it was too much work to really flesh them out.
the girl next door: worth it to see elisha cuthbert but overall disappointing.  since my expectations weren't super high that doesn't come as much of a shock.
alien v predator: really think they dropped the ball on this one, i mean 2 of the predators get owned in the span of about 5 minutes and the rest of the movie was poorly constructed.  could have been so much more interesting.
the terminal: cute with good characterization except catherine zeta-jones' character who i had zero sympathy for, tom hanks takes something seemingly complicated and makes it look effortless.
the bourne supremacy: i don't know why they even bother to say "based on the book by robert ludlum" because the only thing that is remotely related to the book are the character names and a tiny fraction of the plot of the second book.  this was really disappointing.  i'm not even sure what the plot WAS in this movie, what did the russian guy have to do with anything?  most of the people that help bourne in the books are dead now within the first 30 minutes of this movie and he FINALLY finds out his real name at the very end (i have no clue why, i think it's just to tease fans of the books) when in the books it's during the first one.  ugh just read the books they are so superior.

what else has been going on?  i've had some sort of change in life attitude lately.  my dad was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes a couple weeks ago which is the same thing my grandma has, so it might be genetic.  it's still been enough to scare me into changing my eating habits so now i'm concentrating a lot more on getting fruits and vegatables into my diet on a regular basis.  along with drinking a lot more water, and generally paying attention to what is going into my body.  here's hoping it makes a difference.  also i think i finally woke up about school and just wanting to be done so i can move on with my life.

on friday night several people from work went out for drinks to celebrate a birthday among us, i had a couple drinks and a pretty enjoyable time.  the new girl at work made a point to ask me lots of questions and i figured i gave good answers because before she left she asked for my number and suggested getting together saturday night, but i guess it was the alcohol talking because i never heard a word from her.  eh.  jenny (or yevheniya in her native country) is apparently hating men in general after her last boyfriend (according to her best friend who is like my biggest supporter in that endeavor) so i guess i have to keep biding my time there.  none of it is really occupying my thoughts though. not even the letter i wrote to bonnie telling her i'm in love with her (3 weeks and counting on that).  the only girl i think about is drea.  still.  i can't get her out of my head, and i don't know why.  was it just because i got closer to a relationship with her than at any point in my life before that?  or because it was awesome?  perhaps i'll never know. 

christine, the new girl who drunkenly seemed interested in me, mentioned on friday that she has music playing all the time when she's home, and i guess that stuck with me because on saturday i dug out an old audio cable and tried to see if i could hook my mp3 player into my stereo in my room.  it worked and i spent the day cleaning up in there to the sounds of my whole cd collection on shuffle.  i then brought it out into the living room and hooked it to the surround sound system (subwoofer adds a lot i tell ya) and cleaned up in here on sunday.  my vacuum saw work!  it still leaves the kitchen and bathroom though, but it needs to be done.  then i could actually have people come over and not be embarassed. 

i'm sad most of the time except when something good comes on and i devote all my mental energy to it.  today i kept starting Prophecy's "Ebolic Regurgitation" dozens of times because the intro is so amazing and i loved listening to it over and over.  then i finally let it play through.  listening to apocalyptica seems to accentuate the sad feelings which is probably not constructive but the music is so damn beautiful that i don't care.  ask me if you want me to make a cd of their work, i don't have their latest cd yet but i will soon.

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