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whilst my teriyaki chicken marinates away and i put off my homework… - Speak Friend and Enter
Grammar and Lord of the Rings
whilst my teriyaki chicken marinates away and i put off my homework even further, an update shalt come forth from ye olde mighty keyboarde.  and so forth.  as usual i'll probably forget half of what i wanted to post about but them's the breaks. 

friday i went and saw Finding Neverland with the boonettes and paul, who is a recent acquaintance of us all.  it's weird being there when both of them may or may not be attracted to him and i'm not sure what role i'm playing.  anyway while i was waiting outside for them to show up i was feeling really emo and sad because my last visit to the theater was with drea.  i figured i'd just be real quiet all night and let them converse.  the movie started and a couple hours later i had forgotten all about my woes and moodiness as this film was positively magical.  it touched me in a way that no movie has since i saw American Beauty.  when it ended (and the credits rolled to some wonderful piano music) i just wanted to sit there and drink it in and not talk at all.  since i knew it would end soon and i'd have to return to my mundane existence i wanted to savor it as long as possible.  that's how awesome it was for me.  Johnny Depp was so good i didn't even think about his acting, i was just sucked in by it.  it was uplifting and heartbreaking, inspirational and sorrowful.  please go see it.

after the movie those 3 went off to a club or something while i headed home, not really caring to be out and around a bunch of people.  i think i've always been like that, i just recognize it more and have no problem acting on it.  i don't like ambient noise and i don't like crowds.  :\

saturday i was scheduled to drive over to el dorado hills to try and fix drea's sister's computer which was having no success getting on the internet as of late.  over the course of a few hours i tried a few different things, played shrek 2 on the ps2 with her oldest son edward (a remarkably outspoken little boy) and caught some football.  in the end i concluded that something on the hardware end of the DSL was faulty, be it the DSL cable itself or the modem.  my computer, which i brought, produced the same symptoms as hers so there was really nothing i could do about it.  they (drea's sister Carmen and her husband Justin) said i could stay and hang out so i watched some of the falcons-rams game (slaughter) until they decided to put on a movie.  by that time drea had shown up with her 3 boys and niece in tow (the niece being the daughter of their other sister) and things got louder, heh.  anyway the first movie we watched was the village.

i really wasn't impressed by this movie.  if you are reading this and haven't seen it, i guess you don't care to so i'm going to ruin it for you.  there are no monsters, at all.  the "creatures in the woods" are made up to keep the residents of the village within the boundaries of it.  the one sighting in the movie of a creature is actually one of the town "elders" dressed up as it.  would you like to know what the village really is?  i thought it was fucking retarded.  the village is a group of people who all suffered family losses to violence and acted on the suggestion of one of the protagonists, something Walker, to actually live inside a wildlife preserve.  yeah, if you saw the trailer and thought "this movie takes place in colonial times" you are quite wrong.  it's modern times but they live as if its the early 1800s or something.  that part i really don't get but whatever.  anyway the "elders" decided to leave whatever city they lived in and go live in this preserve that is surrounded by trees.  red becomes the "bad color" because it's the color of blood and children are basically raised to fear the outside world, vis-a-vis the creatures that lurk out there and will harm them should they enter the woods.  i was really REALLY disappointed by this whole revelation as i was hoping for some kickass monster flick with loads of atmosphere.  i got neither.  sigourney weaver was just awful, it's like she knew how goofy she sounded saying the dialogue and didn't try - they talked all proper-like as if it was ye olden days.  just bizarre.

after that was over we watched Without A Paddle which was honestly quite hilarious.  a lot of it was fairly juvenile but it wasn't just a bunch of lame bodily humor jokes or ripoffs of other movies.  some stuff was almost too intelligent i think.  it dragged on a little at the end i think but it was worth seeing for a good laugh. 

i left after midnight without talking to drea about anything...i'm even more convinced now that something else prompted her to say we should stay friends.  since she said i couldn't separate work and personal, and she doesn't work with me anymore, there shouldn't be a problem right?  she isn't exactly calling me nonstop to start up again so i'd really like to get some answers from her.  maybe i will this week.  the trip home was slow at first as the fog was thick as hell up there but once i was on the highway it cleared up a lot. 

i forgot to mention my trip to the park yesterday morning.  it was awesome.  i walked around observing.  there's a big pond there now that allows fishing so there were quite a few people trying to catch some fishies.  i don't know what species are in there but i saw some a guy had caught and they weren't tiny.  i spent most of the time there watching the ducks and geese which was actually interesting.  i really wished i had a video camera for that.  just watching their behavior was an easy way to pass the time.  later i saw two squirrels trying to mate.  i say "try" because i think "no means no" translates pretty directly to squirrelish.  the female was really having none of it. 

i wish i could stop worrying about things but as usual, theres really nothing right now that i'm happy about or excited about. 

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irascible_liar From: irascible_liar Date: January 17th, 2005 09:08 pm (UTC) (Link)
I didn't see The Village but I watche 3 trailers for it one evening while Kirsten was doing homework. The first one was fairly scary, the second one was less so, and the third one, I shit you not, went like this:

"I see dead people..." "Sixth Sense."
*quote from Unbreakable* "Unbreakable."
"There's a monster outside my bedroom window, can I have a glass of water?" "Signs."
"And now, he's made another movie. Go see it too. The Village."

And that was it.
I'm sorry I don't remember the specific movie quote for Unbreakable but I didn't see it. And I made up the Signs one. Whatever.
Anyway, banking on your previous "successes" in order to prematurely rate your new movie a success? I know it's a marketing technique but it's also a little sketchy. You have to have nerve.

I thought this needed to be shared.
irascible_liar From: irascible_liar Date: January 17th, 2005 09:09 pm (UTC) (Link)
and by "watche" of course I meant "watched"
suffocated From: suffocated Date: January 18th, 2005 01:41 am (UTC) (Link)
i saw a new ad for it yesterday for the dvd release, they basically changed the entire tone of the movie now, from monster movie to "everyone has secrets i wonder what they are" kind of mystery. i'm going to assume it's because of negative reactions like mine that go WHERE THE FUCK ARE THE MONSTERS?
3 pity screws or Do me