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Wedding pictures part 1 - Speak Friend and Enter
Grammar and Lord of the Rings
Wedding pictures part 1
I'm going to break up the wedding pictures into a few posts I think because I have about 13 and I didn't resize them too small, someone tell me if I should reduce it again to 640x480.  I was at the church at 11 for a 2 o'clock wedding to take pictures which only took about 45 minutes.  Since I was in the wedding, I couldn't take pictures of the ceremony so I only have pre-ceremony and a couple shots from the reception. 

Me before I left, sans blazer.  Also sans little hair growth underneath my lower lip.

The inside of the church, it was nice.

Eddie with the 2 guys who flew in, on the left is Jonathan who is Eddie's friend from school, and on the right making kissy faces is Sauli, who Eddie met years ago during a summer trip and whose wedding he was part of.  Sauli lived in Australia for a while and picked up the accent.

Eddie's (little) brother Peter, the best man.  Peter is huge.

Eddie, Peter, and their sister Sarah being goofy.
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