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So in case you aren't aware, this past week has been a Wedding… - Speak Friend and Enter
Grammar and Lord of the Rings
So in case you aren't aware, this past week has been a Wedding Week™ for me.  My best friend Eddie who I've known for most of my life tied the knot yesterday to his fiance Karen, who I actually don't know very well at all.  I was a groomsman for the wedding so I was fairly busy all week with the bachelor party, the rehearsal, and the wedding itself.  Let's start with Wednesday:

Some of the boys playing Xbox, some car game where you try to cause the largest traffic accident.  We are really wild. (from left to right: Brad; Robert; Eddie's brother Peter; and Ben.

A couple more attendees flanking Eddie (Nick on the left, Karen's brother Dan on the right)

The scene of the party earlier in the night.  I tried to teach them the correct rules of Hold 'Em but I gave up.  By the end we just played one hand for all the chips because it was taking too long

It was a fun night, if an uneventful one.  A bunch of guys who aren't partiers by nature kicking back and having fun.  We watched Dodgeball and laughed til it hurt.  Unfortunately the party was on a Wednesday because a couple people were flying in for it (and of course, neither one of them actually made it to the party, hah).
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