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1. What is the name you *wished* you were born with? Busty St.… - Speak Friend and Enter
Grammar and Lord of the Rings
1. What is the name you *wished* you were born with?
Busty St. Clair, Chesty LeRoux, or Hooty McBoob

2. What feature of the opposite sex do you hate the most?
if i hate something about the opposite sex, how am i ever going to get laid? *whoops* uh, what i mean is....they're so loveable!!!!! *whew, that was a close one*

3. What feature of *your* sex do you hate the most?
the one track mind, and the lack of will power to resist its pull.

4. Give me your list of annoying occurrences:
when the DJ at the strip club plays some rap song instead of a heavy one. yeah, that's really #1.

5. Who do you hate the most out of everyone you know/ever knew and why?
"the most" implies more than one person being hated. wow, i think the person writing this one has some anger issues to deal with.

6. Which celebrity deserves to be boiled in oil?
carson daly. for his complete lack of talent in ANYTHING.

7. Do you have a voodoo doll?
do you feel a pain in your chest right now? oh. damn, then it's not working.

8. Have you ever harbored murderous thoughts? Why?
i eat meat. it comes with the territory, really.

9. What is the best song to strip to?
that i've actually seen a strip to - Pantera: I'm Broken. that was awesome.

10. Have you ever dabbled in witchcraft?
what, the pentagram branding doesn't give it away?

11. How many one-night stands have you had?
here, give me your hand....14, 15, 16, now take off your socks please.

12. Have you ever had an abortion?
using the word in its literal sense, i've aborted things, because i chose not to complete them. the context would seem to imply an actual termination of a pregnancy, in which case...well i'm really not supposed to talk about it.

13. Who do you hate most of all on Live Journal?
that is just a stupid freaking question. how do you hate someone you don't even know??

14. Who could you see yourself having sex with on Live Journal?
i can see myself having sex with lots of girls, because i have a vivid imagination and well...it's not like i'm getting any real play.

15. What is your dream job?
see, here it is again, interesting question followed up by one that everybody has answered. in a perfect world, i wouldn't have a job. i would have lots of hobbies that i got paid for.

16. Have you ever been issued a summons/sued/arrested/been in jail?
well, i've issued summons and subponeas. and one time i was actually nervous with one guy, but the gun wasn't loaded. as for actually being in jail...well, Charlie says i shouldn't talk about it, just remember out magical night together. whatever that means!?

17. Are you a sadist or a masochist? Give some examples.
well apparently it is a choice between the two. i'll go with sadist. sounds cooler.

18. What religion were you brought up to be? Do you still practice it?
Sihk. no, really. good thing for me they aren't ascetics. i gave up on that after Gahndi died, and went with Muslim...but Allah is such a bastard, i figured Taoism was for me. but this whole monk thing..having a shaved head means more sunburns. the things we do for salvation!

19. Do you like to give or receive hugs?
a good hugger does both. still, i love to dole 'em out when she's smaller than me and i can pick her up and make her squeal in delight.

20. Do you rejoice in any bodily functions?
eating. breathing. hey, those are bodily functions....functions of the body. sleeping works too. what were YOU thinking?

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cleanlikegod From: cleanlikegod Date: May 22nd, 2001 01:05 am (UTC) (Link)
OOOOOOOOH! IT's STEWEY!!! I love stewey!
that show ROCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Lots of Love,
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