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Today my roommate and I ordered tickets for the Smackdown! taping… - Speak Friend and Enter
Grammar and Lord of the Rings
Today my roommate and I ordered tickets for the Smackdown! taping that is happening 2 days after SummerSlam (which we hope to be at also in San Jose), right here in town at Arco Arena, August 21st. Still out of school then, so that will be nice not to worry about it. We even got in the lower level, which should be sweet. I knew that extra paycheck would come in handy!

I was talking to him about it today, and we started quoting Simpsons from a particular episode.....and then that episode was the first re-run tonight. WE-IRD.

I think I am pretty much fucked for my research paper. I haven't done any research. I don't have topics. And it's due tomorrow night, and I have to work all day tomorrow before the final. Oh yeah, the final. I should do real well on that. *rolls eyes* I have started contemplating taking the dive in that class and focusing my energies on getting better grades in my other ones. There is no doubt that my GPA will improve over last semester, because how do you not do better than 0.00? Besides, it has be over 2.0 so I don't get kicked out of school. That's kinda gay to me. What do they care? They're getting their damn money. Oh well.

I never thought the phrase "kicked out of school" could actually apply to me. For academic reasons. That is why I don't think it's something simple that is causing me to do poorly in some classes. That's not me. I'm not trying, but WHY????? It's like, when I find a class I understand and enjoy, I do fine, but if I'm bored I give up and don't go, even though it fucks up my grades. I don't understand it. It frustrates my parents more than me, especially since they're paying for my education, but I'd like to know what the hell my problem is too.


I should study for something, I guess.
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