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so work hired this guy to help me after another 2.5 weeks doing the… - Speak Friend and Enter
Grammar and Lord of the Rings
so work hired this guy to help me after another 2.5 weeks doing the job alone.  he's this 50 year old japanese guy who is a self-proclaimed workaholic.  he says he's there permanently unlike the last half dozen file clerks who used it as a rest stop on their trip to a real job.  i can only hope it's true because it's been decided that the reason i haven't been promoted yet is because nobody has stayed long enough to be fully trained and take over for me so i can move up.  my boss made a 4 week training schedule for him so hopefully by the end of 6 weeks (just under a year working there) i can get bumped up to a desk job.  it's going ok so far, i hate to be judgemental about his age but i think it's affecting his ability to remember everything....or i just suck at training, i'm not sure. 

i was supposed to have a date tonight with Drea.  i asked her Wednesday if she wanted to go out tonight, then i called her last night and this afternoon to no avail.  2 voicemails, no call backs.  a couple days ago i was feeling really confident and powerful, i felt like for the first time in my life i actually had my pick of girls.  then it was revealed to me that the girl at work i was told like me, is married.  so that was a bunch of crap from the beginning.  and now i can't get a hold of the girl who said she'd go out with me, and i'm feeling positively rejected.  i'm sure there's a good reason, as always.  it just sucks ass.

i'm not sure why i started writing this entry now.  rat race is on and i have nothing better to do than watch it.  whee.
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