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so we saw a listing for our job in the paper last week (actually it… - Speak Friend and Enter
Grammar and Lord of the Rings
so we saw a listing for our job in the paper last week (actually it was on hotjobs i think, but this weekend it WAS in the paper) and started wondering...what does it mean?  well i asked our assistant manager on friday because our boss wasn't there, and she gave us a quizzical look.  15 minutes later she came back and said it was probably for our imminent expansion of employees and work, but she wasn't really sure.  this did not exactly alleviate our fears.  last night my fellow clerk told me he finally got an offer from one of the firms he applied for eons ago and would be taking it.  originally he was to work through next week but now it's just until friday.  i can't say i blame him one bit.  anyway my boss took me aside today and explained that she is always placing ads in preparation for things like expanding the workload, etc.  i believe her because she said the first time she ran an attorney ad, our in-house lead lawyer had the same concerns i did :p  soooo, my job isn't in jeopardy which is good because i was fairly sure i did a good job.  apparently that is true because my boss said she wants to find another Chris, but come on how realistic is that? haha.  in any event, i'll get to train at least 1 and maybe 2 new people which would bring my total to 6.  some lasted longer than others but in the end they always leave.  i figure i should start getting some kind of bonus per new trainee. 

what is with the choices i'm presented with as far as females go?

*the russian girl at work who apparently likes me but i whom i don't even know
*christine, who i think i've landed in the friend zone with
*andrea, who as a single mother you would think would be last on my list but seems to be the one i really want
*shaunna's sister?  yeah i'm sure that's just some dumb crush thing gg ME
*syche of course, i don't even know what is up with that anymore
*sarah's mom's suggestion of the woman twice my age HARDY HAR HAR

where is that girl who is into metal and doesn't need to be constantly entertained?  oh right i already found her, gg geography.

i don't have to wear a tie to work tomorrow which is the first time this week, so hey i've got something to look forward to.  yep. 

i almost forgot that i wanted to mention something else. i think i make it a point to find girls with some kind of "flaw" - that is, something that makes them less appealing but ultimately attractive. i don't generally believe that i'm good enough for someone my age because i don't know that i have much going for me and by this point i figure girls are looking for something a little more.....adult. perhaps i'm way off but by managing to be the "mature" one i keep my self-esteem from plummeting. i guess.
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funnyz0r From: funnyz0r Date: September 22nd, 2004 12:03 pm (UTC) (Link)
HEY! Jane is a good catch. :) She's practically a second mother to me.
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