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geez, where to start.  having eaten dinner now, and watching… - Speak Friend and Enter
Grammar and Lord of the Rings
geez, where to start.  having eaten dinner now, and watching nip/tuck i think i can get the last few weeks down here.  i'm going to go back to the last weekend in july.  that was the weekend i went up to my parents' house while they were on vacation to house-sit/get out of town for the weekend.  i found a bunch of old tapes of mine; some were projects i did in school, some were things i taped.  i watched stuff from 13 years ago, just for kicks.  now i have my spanish project tape, my sober grad night music videos, and other stuff :)  i was such a goof.

anyway, i got home and a couple hours later was off to the Convention Center for the Weird Al concert.  it was a nice venue, and by virtue of buying our tickets so late we ended up being the furthest back in the lower balcony so i stood up a lot without worrying about blocking someone's view. the show was awesome but oddly enough a couple of the new parodies didn't sound nearly as good live as on the record.  i guess it's the digital music they utilize that can't be duplicated in a concert setting.  anyway, here's what was played in no particular order because i can't remember it:

Couch Potato
Trash Day
A Complicated Song
Angry White Boy Polka (opened with this)
The Saga Begins
Wanna B Ur Lovr
Your Horoscope for Today (i went nuts for this)
It's All About the Pentiums
Amish Paradise (me and Eddie tried to do our choreography :p)
Smells Like Nirvana
One More Minute
Melanie (so glad he played this!)
Dog Eat Dog (this was so random, but cool)
One More Minute
Party at the Leper Colony
Medley: Eat It, Lasagna, Money for Nothing/Beverly Hillbillies, Jurassic Park, Gump, Pretty Fly for a Rabbi, Jerry Springer, Ebay, and his Celine Dion parody.

Anyway, that show ruled all, but I haven't seen my credit card i used to buy the tickets since that night.  apparently nobody else has either, since no charges were made to it.  i finally reported it lost.  the week at work was spent training the new guy, Phil.  Phil is a 40-something 6'4" black guy who has got to the happiest person not on drugs i've ever met.  it gets to be a little much at times.  he needs an off switch.  apparently he won't be around much longer, or at least "long term" as Andrea put it so maybe it won't matter.  i am getting pretty sick of training a new person every few weeks.  that's probably at least one reason i'm applying for a new job with UoP doing tech support.  the other reasons have to do with how the owner of my company pockets like 80% of the money we bring in because he would rather die than treat his employees like valuable contributors to his fucking mansion, and the fact that we are in the business of causing financially strapped people more stress, forcing them into bankruptcy, etc.  i don't like having that stuff on my conscience.  you could say they brought it upon themselves by running up big credit lines and such, but i honestly think they are targeted by banks and other institutions because they won't understand the terms and how badly they will get fucked in the end.  i think 90% of our debtors are immigrants from other countries, or maybe 1st generation Americans. 

the weekend after that (31st/1st) i went camping with Melissa's family.  i'm part of the clan now despite my whiter-than-white complexion.  we went to Clear Lake and had terrible luck at fishing.  it was ridiculous, the fish were very obviously eating but they were eating bugs off the surface, so our sinkered bait just sat at the bottom of the river.  we had no alternatives, considering it was like 1am and dark as hell so we gave up.  i need real fishing gear, i have decided.  gotta use this license before it expires.  the rest of the weekend was cards, bingo, campfires, AWESOME FOOD, and of course, snipe hunting.  melissa and i took some of the girls out and moderately succeeded at convincing them of the existence of the snipe.  (yes, i know it's a real animal but you know what i mean).  a couple were miffed afterwards but i didn't feel bad.  it was a fun weekend and now i have to be at the major holidays or i'm in trouble with melissa's dad :) 

i started school last week, and so far haven't done a whole lot.  i have some assignments due this week and i have a lot of reading to do.  i also have a couple movies to watch, better get on that. 

i have a crush on a 23 year old divorced mother of 3.  i fought it for a while because...well damn 3 kids?  but she's so awesome, and i'm so shy that nothing will ever come of it.  it's frustrating being this bad at asking girls out.  i swear it has it's own disorder listing somewhere. 

well i blew whatever momentum i had going into this, so shit.  i'm gonna fill out a job application and go to bed. 
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irascible_liar From: irascible_liar Date: August 11th, 2004 12:31 am (UTC) (Link)
you went to clear lake?
i'm jealous.
where did you camp?
i miss it...
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