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so the Multimedia Arts degree isn't offered up here, as I… - Speak Friend and Enter
Grammar and Lord of the Rings
so the Multimedia Arts degree isn't offered up here, as I suspected.  looking through the catalog i got tonight, the program is basically learning all the photo/video/audio/web editing programs and how to integrate them into one project.  that just sounds so sweet, but the closest place to take it is down in Costa Mesa.  oddly enough Costa Mesa is also where Mike lives and where the RHF lan center will be at.  oh and of course it's a few miles down the road from Bonnie.  it's also near LA which is where the digital design/animation jobs are.  it's just....i can't get there.  because i have no money.  there's nobody i could bunk up with for a brief time while i got things going, i wouldn't even know where to start.  job + place to live without funds is tough.  i'd have to take out a loan just for that :\ plus it would mean breaking my lease here.  this English degree will take me no less than 18 months...granted once i'm done and get a real job, i could still go down there and do another degree (haha), then the masters in film studies.  it's just so far away, and i want to do that stuff NOW.  i'm not sure there is a solution to this dilemma.
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