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seeing as how my computer apparently can't handle running Vegas Video… - Speak Friend and Enter
Grammar and Lord of the Rings
seeing as how my computer apparently can't handle running Vegas Video without locking up my machine (god i hope i didn't overheat another CPU) i'll do the post i thought of earlier.  i was looking over my college transcripts - that's 135 or 121 college units depending on whose system you use - and how my grades plummeted at CSUS, and i started thinking about ALL of the changes that happened during the summer between the spring 99 and fall 99 semesters, and which, if any, contributed to the drop off.

*i moved out of the dorms and after a short stint at the grandparents' house, moved in with Adam
*worked at Albertson's for 6 weeks before finding a job with a law firm
*had the Marjorie ordeal (i'm convinced that contributed to my school problems)
*didn't see Bonnie much anymore - i never really thought about this before now

i mean sure, we had cable internet and video games and whatnot at the apartment, but were those all such a major distraction that i stopped attending classes?  i'm sure they helped, since in the dorms i literally had nothing better to do than study and do homework.  but what caused me to just stop caring about school?  why the sudden motivation to finish?  i hate to draw conclusions just because i like them, but is there a correlation between bonnie coming back into my life and this new found desire to succeed?  i see her twice in a couple months after years of not seeing her and voila, i applied to school and am looking to finish so i can get on with my life, after all this time of puttering around.

it's odd that i never considered it before.  i actually had a decent semester after the first crappy one, but after that it was consecutively worse semseters until they kicked me out.  i'm embarassed by the grades, i truly am.  my graduating GPA will suck ass but that can't be helped anymore.  how did i get so complacent with failure?  sigh.  maybe i finally found the motivation that has eluded me for so long.
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