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Finished. Welcome to Erin and Kayt’s wacky, non-boring,… - Speak Friend and Enter
Grammar and Lord of the Rings

Welcome to Erin and Kayt’s wacky, non-boring, not-the-same-fucking-thing survey. Please answer all the neat and probing questions, and then send it to all your friends. And if you get all the book/movie/music references…you just might be as crazy as us!! Hahahaha …[insert evil laughter]

Part 1
1. If one day you woke up and found out you were the ruler of a small European Principality, what would your reaction be? How would you change the world?
i would make sure we were using our own currency and not that stupid Euro crap, because i'm anti-conformist. i would call it the kaber. i would make sure it's worth about the same as a Euro though, so as not to appear superior. then, i would declare my birthday a national holiday. i might call the Pres just because i could. assuming i was a big enough small principality.

2. If, while walking down the street, some random person handed you an eggbeater what would you do with it?
free eggbeater!??! well if you mean the imitation egg, i would throw it at something. probably a tree. if you mean the mixing device i wouldn't throw it...i'd attempt to make some kind of instrument out of it, and walk around playing it.

3. Do you believe certain shades of blue are/can be super-intelligent?
seeing as blue is the best color, i believe there is some minor level of intelligence since they managed to engineer that feat. superintelligence, however, has yet to be achieved.

4. When you dream of your perfect world what are THREE things that HAVE to be in it?
humor, evergreen trees, and fried chicken.

5. Red balloons of dead baboons?
sorry i'm ignorant.

6. Do you believe in impossible things?
like miracles, impossible assumes that we know everything. which we don't. therefore it's just a matter of time until the impossible becomes possible.

7. How can a sofa get stuck in a hallway w/ no physical probability of it getting there?
if you know that, please help me answer the tree in the forest question.

8. Do you believe in Truth? Beauty? Freedom? Love?
all of the above.

9. Is your high school/college brainwashing you?
i'm not in school, so no. i think work might be, though.

10. If I’m leaving w/ a broken heart, you’re leaving w/…
sorry, ignorant again.

Part 2
11. I can be as brave as a lion or as meek as a mouse; what is my name?
mr. everyone

12. Why is a Raven like a writing desk?
let's see, a raven is black, feathered, and has a poem written about it. a writing desk has none of those things, except that a poem could have possibly been written ON it.

13. Ducks: pro or con?
i'm cool with ducks. they eat old bread.

14. The most beautiful place in the world is…
somewhere in Europe that was built during the Renaissance.

15. The answer is 42: what is the question?
what is six times 7.

16. My favorite memory of the past year is…
quitting my state job, i suppose

17. Do we have a right to privacy?
no, i should be able to install cameras in your home without your permission. how else will i entertain myself?

18. Glitter: what does it make you think of?
fairy dust

19. If your school was to put on Rocky Horror Picture Show, who would play the characters? (i.e. Rocky, Dr. Frankenfurter, Jan, Brad, etc.)
well since i've never seen it and therefore compromise my relationship with most people, i can't really say.

20. Are you ticklish?
in certain areas. which you will never EVER touch.

Part 3
21. Shoulders…
are called scapulas. i think. and, they're a very attractive part of the female body.

22. Are you competitive?
depends on the setting.

23. Are you beautiful?
beautifully witty!

24. Are you loved?
well my parents haven't disowned me yet.

25. Do you love?
i don't know anymore. i haven't found there to be a point, yet.

26. Do you work hard?
it's really off and on. sometimes i just have the drive to get shit done. then there's the other 6.9 days of the week

27. Do you dance when no one is watching?
i air guitar when nobody is watching.

28. LawyerQuad: Is it a word? Is OzRant?
theoretically any combination of words or word parts could be a word, it just might not have meaning...but then isn't that the definition of a word? meaning?

29. Does the Shadow Guard REALLY exist?
no, i just made them up to freak you out.

30. Would apes clash with your drapes?
i don't like this question.

Part 4
31. Are you a GOOD witch or a BAD witch?
neither, i'm a warlock.

32. Between sex and fear is…
years and years of waiting.

33. Why do we drive on parkways and park on driveways?
that's like asking why the sky is blue. there is a scientific reason behind it all.

34. The key to the treasure is…
a little key enclosed in a locket that robin of loxley wears

35. Guys + Guitars =????
good concerts

36. Girls + Food =????
depends on the setting. either i cooked for them or i'm dreaming.

37. Do you take or pose for pictures?
i take pictures if i have a camera. i don't pose unless i have a costume on.

38. What do you collect?
i don't really collect anymore.

39. Do you have your towel?
no....but there was this one time i went to a strip club and i left with a towel...yeah i don't have it anymore i don't think.

40. Actors or Techies: Where do your loyalties lie?
techies, even though i assume that refers to stage crew type people. techie also refers to geeks like me in a way, so i have to side with them.

Part 5
41. Dogs or Cats?

42. What is the sound of burgundy?
the sound of one hand clapping

43. Do super heroes walk the earth? Super Villains?
if there was really a Doctor Doom life would be much cooler

44. Why are monkeys the only ones who get pants in Circus Animal crackers?
because they are most like humans, and therefore the only ones who actually feel shame at their nakedness

45. Are you a good kisser?
i can't really answer that. it's very sad.

46. Do you dream?
yes, but they haven't been interesting for a while. not like the serial killer dismembered head.

47. Is the hokey-pokey REALLY what its all about?
it would sure put a lot of things in perspective.

48. Is life a game or a journey?
games imply fun, and at this point life hasn't been that much fun.

49. Is there ever a Happily Ever After for the Wicked Witch?
there must be! just because she's wicked doesn't mean she doesn't deserve happiness. perhaps there's a wicked warlock and they can raise little wicked devil children.

50. What do you want to be when you grow up?
Happy and successful and...not alone. (i kept syche's answer because i can't improve on it)

Part 6
51. Once upon a time …(finish the sentence)
the earth was flat.

52. A long time ago …
the earth was a dot

53. Do you wanna f*ck a dog in the ass? A pirate?
let the dog and the pirate do their own thing

54. What is a poocx?
a creature similar to a basilisk.

55. Do you own a super hero towel? And if so, what hero?
no, but i should get one!

56. What is the most significant moment in you life thus far?
i honestly don't know.

57. Who played the Green Hornet’s sidekick?
Ken Watanabe will in the new movie, and supposedly he's going to kick ass.

58. What flavor is green?
sour apple

59. What do 24-hour stores have locks?
because if it was robbed and the clerk got shot and had to drive himself to the hospital because his cell phone battery wasnt charged, he couldnt just leave it unlocked!

60. How many kitties have you killed this past week?
74, if you dont count the pet store i sorta burned down.

Part 7
61. What colors to you associate with your friends? (i.e. Joe = Blue)
i dont really have an answer for this

62. What about you?
the deepest purple imaginable

63. Do you have hand signs for random words? (i.e. soap)
yes. but only one.

64. Spirit fingers or Jazz Hands?
i can only think of Bruce Almighty when i see Jazz hands.

65. What is your Lucky Number?
i dunno, 4 is ok.

66. What is the correct addition when reading a fortune cookie fortune? (i.e. in bed, w/o pants, etc.)
i like "with many naked ladies"

67. What do you wish on?
whatever someone tells me to.

68. What are two of the world’s classic blunders?
1. Getting involved in a land war in Asia, and 2. Going up in (edited by chris) against a Sicilian when death is on the line *maniacal laughter*

69. Girls – would you rather be Wonder Woman or Buffy?
dude i'm a guy and i'd want to be buffy. she totally kicks ass. and she gets to hang out with Eliza Dushku sometimes.

70. Guys – would you rather be Clark Kent or Bruce Wayne?
bruce wayne, because he's a gazillionaire and has a batmobile. superman doesn't even have a car.

Part 8
71. Will you win the lottery?
not in this lifetime.

72. Are you politically correct?
hell no.

73. How many sins did you commit this summer? (while in FOREIGN COUNTRIES and CAMP counts)
it was a pretty uneventful summer. (by the way i think everyone should use this format)
Wrath - hell, never
Gluttony - i was unemployed for a couple weeks in august....
Greed - i had my retirement money taken out of the account, cause i wanted the money
Pride - undoubtedly, for something dumb
Lust - well...was there an object of lusting between wena and syche? surely there was, we're talking like 10 months. random chicks at the pool?
Envy - completely
Sloth - i was unemployed.

74. Who lives in the Castle in the Air?

75. Is there anyone you could really say, “As you wish,” to? Who?
not anymore

76. Christmas carols: can they be mutated to fit other holidays? Should they be?
surely you can find good lyrics for independence day to "jingle bells"

77. Favorite quote:
can't pick. i suck.

78. Happy or sad endings? (in movies)
whatever fits, even if i wish it was the opposite. [ see American History X ]

79. Do you know the Rich Saratoga Wards?

80. When you die, will you know what to do?
stop breathing?!

Part 9
81. Why are Kayt and Erin the COOLEST girls you know? And if you don’t know us, we’re very sorry for your loss…
because they made this.

82. What is a Peach fish?
a peach flavored goldfish snack?

83. To the death or to the pain?
to the pain!

84. Make up a question and answer it.
Did you really just ask that?
Yes, yes you did.

85. Magna doodle or Etch-A-Sketch?
etch a sketch was pretty neat.

86. Got milk?
as often as possible. i want some chocolate milk now.

87. Have you ever read or written a piece of Fanfiction?
actually, no, but it always seemed like an interesting hobby.

88. What are the things that go bump in the night?
underpants gnomes.

89. Do you drive really slow in the ultra-fast lane?
no but if someone tailgates me, i slow down, and then i switch lanes VERY slowly.

90. Does God have a hard-on for the Marine Corps?
dude, don't you?

Part 10
91. What are your nasty little thoughts?
like, right now? or today? last night? this season? the good news is they involve girls.

92. Oreos: chocolate or vanilla?
neither, i don't like them.

93. If I say fish clouds, what do you think?
some kind of low-carb japanese meal.

94. Most inspirational thing EVER said you:
no answer.

95. What is the point of Caffeine Free Diet Coke?
to drink the most boring soda in existence, and live to tell about it.

96. What’s a henway?
thats kinda lame, and old.

97. If I tell you a story, do you trust me?

98. What happened to the golden ball?
harry potter caught it.

99. Do you feel lucky?
not for some time now

And FINALLY………………
100. In a circular room, can you stand in the corner?
confession: i did this entire survey just to answer this question. now, a circle is actually a infinite number of sides and those sides make vertexes, which would be corners. so technically, anywhere you stand is a corner.

101. So, did you like it?
i've wasted time in worse ways.
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irascible_liar From: irascible_liar Date: May 2nd, 2004 08:02 pm (UTC) (Link)
well, I laughed out loud in places.
(places that I think you were aiming for laughter - no worries)
this is actually a pretty good survey, I guess.
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