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i figure since nobody has been sending me venomous e-mails demanding… - Speak Friend and Enter
Grammar and Lord of the Rings
i figure since nobody has been sending me venomous e-mails demanding to know what's going on in life, that it's not too big of a deal that i don't post much about my daily ventures. besides, the few people that i talk to anyway already know. still, i feel obligated to fill up your friends page with random babble, mostly because the lakers-spurs are on and it's more of a distraction than anything else.

loving my car. drove it to san francisco last night and was happy that harrison st is mostly flat, since that's what i drove down to find the place where the concert was. of course, i parked like 5 blocks away because i get all turned around in SF and once i found somewhere to park, i just do. this time it was on the street and i was a little nervous about leaving my shiny baby there, but it was still there with everything intact when i got back, and i didn't even get acosted by people looking for handouts.

quick tangent - i'm not completely heartless when it comes to giving people money when they ask for it. it's just that i've dealt with enough liars that i tend to be rather callous these days. i'm considering only carrying enough cash to pay toll fees and parking when i make the trip to SF in the future, because i don't need to feel guilty that i didn't give someone beer money.

anyway. i missed most of Premonitions of War, which was fine by me because after i took the time to download something by them yesterday, i wasn't overly impressed. good name, though. Satyricon wins the award for Most Simultaneous Hairspins On Stage. Between the keyboard player, the 2 guitarists, the bass player and the vocalist, there were 5 heads windmilling in unison up there. Not bad music, either. :p I was only there for Suffocation anyway, and they delivered. Setlist was: Infecting the Crypts, Sugery of Impalement, Thrones of Blood, Souls to Deny, Effigy of the Forgotten, Demise of the Clone, Pierced from Within, Liege of Inveracity, and Breeding the Spawn. nothing off the EP :( it was ok, though, because they played a lot of excellent stuff. i just realized that only 3 of the 9 songs were from the new record, which is good. i was thinking last night, that for a band that hasn't toured for 6 years, would it be better to stuff your setlist with new stuff, or more of a best-of until you go on a headlining tour? 33% isn't too much, though. and it's not like the new stuff is bad! it was obvious that they were all thrilled to be back on stage. Frank had an entire monologue about how he hated his 9-5 job that he's been doing since they took a break back in '98, and that he had to come back to making music. it was really awesome to hear, even though i'm sure he struggles with bills doing this line of work. more power to him.

metal shows are always good people watching events. it's hard to really describe unless you've actually been to one (any volunteers? going back may 17th for Iced Earth). 95% of the crowd is wearing black of some kind, usually head to toe, and the vast majority are pierced, tattooed, drinking, smoking, have long hair, or some combination thereof. i really am a fish out of water at these shows, but it's ok. what i can't figure out is how they afford the shows...because i can't imagine any of these people in office positions. maybe the dress code in the bay area is more lax? maybe they all run their own internet companies? hah. i should take a poll next time. there's usually a few people that look like me, short hair, conservative dress, no visible body art. i'm not metal enough!111

i've also been thinking lately about what draws people to certain kinds of music. i can't cling to the u&um;berelitist notion that metal is pure art and anyone who disagrees is just ignorant. i do however think that people need to give it more of a chance. but obviously there are much more popular forms of music (however loosely the term is applied) and i wonder, what makes it appealing? not much of a thought process behind that, yet. an interesting note is that Suffocation is the only metal band i've ever seen, death metal or otherwise, with 2 black guys in it. upwards of 90% of last night's crowd was white i'm sure. i wonder why?

so that was last night. i stopped for gas in vacaville because my car has this neat little orange light that slowly glows brighter as an indication that hey stupid, you need to put gas in me. i also have come to the conclusion that the Deftones' "Adrenaline" is the best driving cd ever made, because i didn't feel sleepy until about davis. maybe it's because it's relatively simple to listen to.

for 4 days last week at work i had to wear a button-down shirt and tie. as the week progressed i got sexier, haha. i have to do it again tomorrow, as some important bank people are coming to the office or something. i love how we act like this is how the office always looks just because important people are coming. it seems so fake. but if it gets me compliments from the girls in the office, who am i to complain? :D

i have medical insurance, now. yay for that, i guess. it's a good reason not to go looking for another job, but the probation period here seems to be so long compared to other places. 4 months? usually it's 3, isn't it? i even see some that are 1 month. i have the option of signing up at 24 hour fitness for i guess some kind of discounted rate? but in the end i think it's $35/mo i a) can't afford and b) wouldn't make good use of. i don't like weight training, the only aerobic exercise i would like is a stationary bike which i think we have here at the complex for FREE, and mostly i just want an indoor half-court to avoid dealing with allergies while i shoot. i don't think $35/mo is worth that. there must be something! the funny part is that the guy who i'm supposed to ask for at the place is named Chris Kennedy. i asked our HR guy if that was a typo or something. maybe he'll hook me up.

what else to talk about? i missed the deadline for applying for the fall semester, gfg me. i'm pretty sure i did it on purpose, too. like, if i wait long enough then i won't have to worry because the decision will be made for me. isn't that terrible? so, i postpone graduating yet another six months. at this rate i'll be 30 when i finally finish something.

i'm supposed to go down to the LA area next weekend, but my dad wants me to get my car in for service before 30 days is up to have them make a clutch adjustment, etc. i'd rather schedule it for the 15th so i can go to LA, but i haven't decided if i want to put up with his lecture/yelling as the tradeoff. we'll see how that develops.

still being patient re: syche. i'm gonna find a positive solution to this, i know it. there's something good and i don't want to pass it up.

thanks for reading.....
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