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Things that popped up in last night's dreams: Sex with Lori Petty… - Speak Friend and Enter
Grammar and Lord of the Rings
Things that popped up in last night's dreams:

Sex with Lori Petty (????)
Freddy Kreuger killing lots of people
Live grenades blowing off hands
Retrieving neatly wrapped pieces of a fallen comrade

I think I can directly relate the Freddy thing to this thing I saw Thursday night on public access. I don't know what the hell it was, but it was the beginning of Capitol Chaos, and this girl was running from some dude. She ran into a subway bathroom I think and hid, he followed but did not discover her. She came out, thinking he had gone, and was throwing water on her face from the sink. When she stood back up, he was behind her, and plunged a knife all the way through her, back to front. In my dreams last night, Freddy did much the same thing to some chick, just with his knife hand. Sick. What is wrong with me?

That's the stuff I remember distinctly. It's still not on the same level of weirdness as the "ballroom dancing, flying vampires outside of the house of the first girl I ever had a crush on" dream.
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