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It is time to face reality. My computer is old. I went shopping… - Speak Friend and Enter
Grammar and Lord of the Rings
It is time to face reality. My computer is old.

I went shopping for a webcam tonight, all excited. I was thinking I should get a USB card since I don't have a port already, for the speed. *d'oh* USB requires Win 98. Which I don't have. Yes, I'm still running on Win 95. I can't upgrade to 98 unless I double my RAM at least to 64. The problem with that is that my machine is SO old, that I have EDO RAM, which went out of style about the time that New Kids on the Block did. My roommate offered me some, and when I asked what kind it was, he said SDRAM. That doesn't help. I'm fairly sure EDO is still manufactured and sold, but it's costly. And I'd have to get a lot.

So, to sum up, no webcam, no new nothing for this machine. I would rather save some ca$h and build me a new one. It would be nice to do that over the summer if I can put away enough money for it.

Of course, I still had to spend some. I needed some play time. So we went to Dimple and I ended up leaving with the new Tool, Opeth's "Still Life", and Overkill's "Wrecking Your Neck Live". I get paid next week so we will see where I am after that, what with rent payments coming up and all.

Listening to the Tool right now. The packaging is fantastic. The first song was good, apparently I just missed the 2nd one! Oh, that's why. Just over a minute long. This seems like the type of album that you have to listen to on headphones, to filter out extraneous noise that will just be distracting.

That is all.
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slayergoddess From: slayergoddess Date: May 19th, 2001 08:20 am (UTC) (Link)
Hey, it sounds like you got some cool new albums. Opeth Rocks, so does Tool and so does Overkill!! Haha.. I have an Overkill poster on my wall. It says, "They Are back again..." What's that supposed to mean? I never knew they left in the first place.... metal maniacs... hmphhh...
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