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Just finished watching American History X on cable. I should have… - Speak Friend and Enter
Grammar and Lord of the Rings
Just finished watching American History X on cable. I should have spent the last 2 hours studying, not getting dinner and watching a movie, but honestly, this is one of those movies where I'm not as concerned that I'm not getting my work done. It's not like I have math problems anyway, just a poetry exercise. This isn't the time or place to write a full review of this movie (the 3rd time I've seen it) - that is something I want to put on my web page - but there are some things I want to write down before I forget them. American History X is a wonderful movie. It is not, however, one of the best I have seen. There are a few reasons why. Something I noticed tonight was the stereotypical treatment of white power followers. It was basically portrayed as a sheperd/sheep situation, and while in reality that is probably fairly accurate, for a movie like this it would have been more interesting to see some of the kids questioning things rather just accept all the drivel fed to them as fact. Another thing is the way the confrontation played out. There seemed to be no motivation for the incident, other than "You stood up to me, so I hate you now". What? Some more detail on the other side would have made things much better in my opinion. Finally, the ending. If you don't want to learn too much, stop reading this now.............................................

To the ending. Normally, I hate happy endings, especially when they seem contrary to human behavior. For that reason, I loved how Arlington Road ended...oops, guess I gave that away, oh well. Happy endings seem to Hollywood, so it's nice to some directors/writers take chances and have an audience leave the theater thinking rather than smiling. American History X is one movie where I was rooting for a happy Hollywood ending, even though I knew it could never end that way. I think the message was already put forth and understood, and the exclamation point of Danny's death was not needed. I don't think that the threat of death will influence any more people than the threat of jail and gang rape - that was enough for me, as well as the realizations made by Derek. So, the ending was predictable, but disappointing for me. I actually just understood one scene tonight - after Derek leaves the school and sees the green sedan drive by, which is the same car that drove by the house the night before. I never got that before. Still, a great movie and I think everyone should see it, provided they don't mind male frontal nudity and some gun violence, as well as "hate speech" I guess you could call it. Actually, if any of that bothers you, especially the last part, you wouldn't see the point of the movie anyway, so don't bother. Edward Norton rules.

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