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update time. friday was neat, for the most part. lunch was hectic… - Speak Friend and Enter
Grammar and Lord of the Rings
update time.

friday was neat, for the most part. lunch was hectic as i ran around depositing my check so i could pay rent, and getting food and doing what i could to prepare for the show. that meant buying dream theater cds that i didn't already own :p the only thing i had to do between leaving work and getting on the highway was get gas, so it wasn't too bad. traffic into sf wasn't brutal, i got there at 7:40 and was inside the venue near 8. good thing for me the show didn't start til almost 8:30. i have determined that there are 2 necessary requirements to full enjoy a Dream Theater concert: a chair, and a companion. it's just not as cool when you can't share your "wtf" expression with someone you know :\ next time, next time. they played most of the stuff off of "Train of Thought" and oddly enough the song i expected most to own in concert, "Endless Sacrifice", so didn't. it lacked the punch on the album, go figure! closed with In the Name of God, which was a good choice for that. 3 hours later i left tired and content. the most memorable part i think was Jordan's keyboard solo, that was intense. had dinner at 1am in Fairfield, gg Denny's!

spent a long time yesterday trying to add a second hard drive to my grandparent's computer. they took me to lunch at Chili's where i consumed a chicken sandwich that probably dwarfs some countries in sheer size. good stuff though. got stuck towards the end so i have to go back today, which is ok because i have to pick up my w-2 from another place that i lived in the last year hah. saw The Mikado, laughed merrily even though Mel didn't call me back111!! it's ok though, she didnt get any messages til this morning. hit the Tower cafe with the boons and boonettes, got asked out.

see, i didn't make a big deal of it. :)

cleaning today! looking better already, haven't tackled the bedroom yet and i still gotta hit EG and the grocery store, among other things. oh, and i got my ticket for the bay area thrash fest. whee.


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