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Example of how my mind wanders - Speak Friend and Enter
Grammar and Lord of the Rings
Example of how my mind wanders
This is stuff I wrote down in my notebook Tuesday night in class while half-listening to the Nazi feminist hypocritical propoganda pusher:
I managed to spend a full day at work and I'm not sure how much "work" I actually accomplished. I probably spent more time scowling than working.

I wonder what impression I left on Marie. I hope I didn't depress her too much or anything. I just felt that too many people were saying "nice body" as opposed to "you have a real talent for emotionally-charged writing" and she only encourages it. Offline at home, though, so I will have to e-mail at work tomorrow.

The weekend will be busy. Really time for Nevermore/Opeth?

In next 2 weeks:
*2nd short story
*Oral presentation
*3rd short story
*2 term papers for Psych
*paper for religions
*study for religion final
*study for psych final
*study for phil final

Oh, that's it??

It's somewhat ironic that during the semester I'm taking a religions class that I have grown more cynical about religion as a whole.

"Once Sent from the Golden Hall" has a more lasting musical nature than "The Jester Race".

Religion is just one of those subjects one is better off reading about than being taught. It is impossible to read objective accounts, but there is a variety available.

It would be interesting to see ancient geneaologies for the infancy of ancient religions.


Really. That's what I thought of.

I like to think that I'm more mature than most males, but sometimes I wonder if I'm really putting on an act and if called on it, couldn't really back it up.
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