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blackouts are neat. even short ones. we are guys and therefore do… - Speak Friend and Enter
Grammar and Lord of the Rings
blackouts are neat. even short ones. we are guys and therefore do not have candles in the apartment, and since we are not forward thinkers we don't have flashlights either. who cares, darkness is tight.

so today was the first day at the new job (tomorrow will be 4 months since i quit; i can't believe its been that much time already). it was definitely keeping me busy. i spent a lot of time doing copies (a huge part of the position), and learning other parts of the job. the other file clerk is a 19 year old named Marissa. she's nice enough, so it should make life easier. i changed her flat tire towards the end of the day...i'm such a chivalrous man. had lunch with 4 girls (one of whom paid for me, that was very unexpected but apparently common there) which was fun even though it was basically a 40 minute rant session about who they don't like at work :\

i'm making a little less than what i was at parks towards the end but that could change. hey i can't complain, it's full time and eventually benefitted. did some quick checking on apartment listings. some nearby the office that i could conceivably afford if i just manage my money better. that really shouldn't be hard but for some reason i always have problems with it. i won't have the money to move out for a month anyway (and it looks like i'll only have 2 real paychecks before the end of January) so it's all very preliminary.

on a totally different note, i want to reach a point where the purpose of debating with someone is to understand their point, not to argue. i like discussing something with people when we have opposing beliefs/opinions and it's not a battle, but a conversation. like i had with shaunnaz0r tonight. i want to know why people think they way they do, without judging them for it. maybe that's not really possible but it seems like the best approach. it all sprang up when i was informed that a girl i wanted to get to know better basically rejected the possibility because i'm not a practicing christian. i actually found it funny because i don't understand how someone can make a decision like that so succinctly. i mean...so what? you can't go out with me one time because i don't go to church? i asked other friends about the sort of mindset and it helped me at least a little bit to understand where a person would be coming from to say that, but i still want to ask her this weekend, if i can. it just makes me intensely curious, like being a pseudo-atheist is a character flaw or something. i'd still like to get to know her better, i just won't get to know the rest of her. or something. wow forget i typed that please.

its funny having a job yet still not having any money, at least for a few more weeks. stupid lousy pay periods. bleh i'm done.
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From: charmeds7u Date: December 16th, 2003 03:44 pm (UTC) (Link)
yes, convos are nicez0r
funnyz0r From: funnyz0r Date: December 16th, 2003 04:53 pm (UTC) (Link)
Chris K.z0r, it's just how we feel. It's kinda harder to have a debat with someone over aim. Only because you can't see how there reacting or the tone in there voice. But if you want to continue this tonight, that's cool.
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