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2 unrelated topics. watched "Minority Report" again. i think the… - Speak Friend and Enter
Grammar and Lord of the Rings
2 unrelated topics.

watched "Minority Report" again. i think the movie defines "pre-meditated" in a very specific way, and not in the traditional sense. John's future murder was pre-meditated; that's why it got a brown ball. 36 hours away. however, John never had the intention of killing Crow until about 2 minutes before he almost did it. it was strictly a crime of passion once he thought Crow killed his son. now, more generally, John probably had decided years ago to kill the person who took his son away, but does that make it pre-meditated? it has no target, no goal, just some future possibility. it isn't "in x amount of time i will kill y person" but "someday when i find x person, i will kill them". i suppose it could be argued that its pre-meditated in that instance. a minor complaint really, the script is very very good.

and before i forget, i suppose, i might as well try to lay out the concise explanation of fate i came up with while watching it. basically, if you knew your future, and you wanted to change it..how would you go about it? would you assume that whatever you would have done had you NOT known the future would bring it about? the idea being, in the future you would have known the future, so does that knowledge necessitate actions to bring it about? or on the other hand, would you act consequentially to make sure the end result did not happen, even though you probably couldn't prevent it? that wasn't too confusing was it? :p

John says "I don't even know who this person is but in 36 hours I'm supposed to kill him". wouldn't you stop and think, ok, what could possibly cause me to kill a stranger? in his case its pretty obvious i think, but the movie skips past that part. especially when he can see reality merging with the vision of the future, and then says "oh its ok i still don't plan on killing anyone i'll just find out who this guy is anyway". if you knew that in 6 hours you were going to be hit by a truck, would you sit down on a couch and wait it out? or would you go about your daily life because if you used the knowledge of the future to counteract it, you would simply be playing right into the hands of fate? god that question fascinates me. probably why i love the Matrix movies too, unlike 95% of people who saw it and have such minor attention spans the simplest question of philosophy pisses them off.

the final monologue rules all too.

secondly, i fucked up on spring admissions and now i won't be going to sonoma for at least another 10 months, if i ever do. not sure what to do now :\
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From: ilovethecure Date: October 25th, 2003 09:01 am (UTC) (Link)
I fucked up the same way..I'll be starting Sac State Fall 2004.
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