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The Steady Decline of Humanity; or, Why I hate People - Speak Friend and Enter
Grammar and Lord of the Rings
The Steady Decline of Humanity; or, Why I hate People
Hi, I'm Chris. I'm 24, less sexually developed than most 7th graders, and I spent my Saturday night watching the Two Towers DVD and eating frozen chicken, alone.

At some point, this entry was going to be a recounting of a lot of stuff that has happened lately. But I'm really not up to discussing things like my grandma's estate legal hassles, among other things. Mostly there have been things lately that have just been pissing me off. That, and i'm starting to worry about my own mental health. but we'll get to that.

our story beings several weeks ago. it was a tuesday night like any other, and not having a prior engagment that evening (read: our counterstrike match was a forfeit victory), i made my way to the local indoor soccer arena, to watch my friend Melissa's womens league team compete. what seemed to be the usual amount of scuffling and cat fighting erupted at some point in the first half when one of the members of Melissa's team shoved an opposing player while fighting for control of the ball. she was exasperated at the lack of intervention on the part of the ref until she couldn't take it anymore. the ref carded her, but that wasn't the end. during the exceedingly brief argument that followed, she received 2 more cards and an ejection.

let me play that back for you. she was thrown out of a game for a recreational soccer league. RECREATIONAL. FOR FUN. with a few choice words directed at nobody in particular, she left the field and then the arena. i couldn't get over the fact that someone just got tossed in a league where the people pay to play. onwards our story goes. in the second half, another of the players on Melissa's team was whistled for a foul. she did not argue the call. instead she asked the ref to please not blow his whistle in her ear. his cordial response was to blow his whistle and card her. this prompted a profane outburst from our protagnoist (the words "holy" and "shit" were involved) which earned her another whistle and card. af this point she very nearly ripped the whistle out of his mouth. having restrained herself was apparently a poor decision, as the ref saw fit to throw HER out of the game as well. yes, that's correct. the same person ejected 2 people from the same team in one game, in a recreational league. its weeks later and i can't get my head around this.

needless to say, both girls were infuriated at the treatment that received. apparently this particular referee had not been very favorable to them in the past either, so there was cause for further concern. i heard nothing for a while after they filed their complaints.

some time later, i got an update on the situation. the first girl to be thrown out, Kiley, was required to write letters of apology to the establishment, the referee, the other team, and i think the girl behind the snack bar who took the brunt of the verbal fireworks after the ejections. she was also hit with a 2 game suspension i think. later on, due to circumstances unknown to me (possibly letters addressed to "dear cocksucker" and "to whom it may concern, i hope you die and rot in hell"), Kiley was summarily banned from playing in any womens league games, indefinitely.

at the time, the other perpetrator of less-than-ladylike manners, Lindsey, was also suspended for a game and I believe fined which I found extremely difficult to believe. i haven't heard anything new on that front for a while, but its not a stretch to think that neither will be bringing their business to Off the Wall ever again.

now we move on to the next anecdote about my recent feelings regarding the general population. i play in a wednesday night softball league (also with Melissa, as it turns out) and there is a rule that only 5 guys and 4 girls can play at any given time. it's a co-ed league and they want to keep things fair. well, our team has more guys show up each week than we can field, so for the past several games i have been switching positions with someone in the field every other inning, and taking turns at bat. up until last week it wasn't an issue. last week, the team we were playing fished out some rule that states any player substituted out cannot return to the game, and enforced it. this meant that someone had to sit the rest of the game because the other team was a bunch of whiny bitches. i took one for the team and rode the pine for the last few innings. it pissed me off for 2 reasons: 1) again, its a RECREATIONAL LEAGUE. i am there to have fun, not pretend its the majors and make coaching decisions and double switches and give signs to my baserunners. 2) i pay to play in this fucking league, and being told that we can't switch off every inning and that i have to possibly sit out half of a game, is a huge fucking joke. when i was in little league i played my required 3 innings and i got yanked, because i suck. i hated that. this should not be like that was. its a bunch of young/older adults having fun and getting exercise, and when someone ruins that for me by not allowing me to play, it pisses me off. i have no idea why they would enforce such a rule, it ended up hurting them in the long run as it got our worst player on the bench.

i voiced this concern to the governing body of the league's department and was given a dictated copy of the rule in question. it was clarified that if one person played half the game, and the other person half the game, it would accomplish the same thing and fit the rule. i still would like to know why the fuck the other team cared.

the final thing that gets me lately is my ex-boss. my roommate chris, who i worked with at parks since december of 2000, quit a few weeks after i did. for mostly the same reasons. we hated our boss more than anything alive. i have concluded that she is a paranoid delusional, and thinks people are out to get her. soon after chris left, she called him and without spelling it out, accused him of stealing help desk property from the building. when he denied this and told her where to find things, she did not apologize. she simply asked that he disregard her previous message. last week, i heard the kicker - she reported the missing things to the police. that was too much. on top of that, apparently she tells friends of ours not to talk to us, as if its any god damn business of hers. it's sick and frightening and i hope someone realizes how disturbed she is soon.

thats whats been bothering me externally. internal is another post.
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pillar From: pillar Date: October 22nd, 2003 08:15 am (UTC) (Link)
Wow, she and Aaron (from parks) must share the same paranoid brain. Too bad Chris can't sue her for slander. I'm glad you guys both got out of there, working in an environment like that is no good.

I miss you Chris, when can we play?
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