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tonight i went and watched melissa's soccer game because the new… - Speak Friend and Enter
Grammar and Lord of the Rings
tonight i went and watched melissa's soccer game because the new version of counterstrike is pissing me off since all of a sudden i suck again after trying so hard to get decent. i thought i was leaving drama behind! that was easily the most entertaining sporting event i ever went to, and it was a recreational league. 2 girls from melissa's team got thrown out of the game by the referee - THROWN OUT OF A RECREATIONAL GAME! the first one was Kiley, the captain and Miss Uber Soccer player herself. she was so frustrated with the lack of rule enforcement by the ref that she pushed someone on the other team and got carded for it, then somehow proceeded to get carded twice more and thrown out for arguing. i have no idea what she said but i'm pretty sure it wasn't nice. the second was Lindsey (unsure about the spelling, so shush), who got whistled for something which she didn't argue, but when she asked that the ref not blow his whistle so close to her, she got carded. at least, i think thats what happened. actually, according to her, when she asked that, he then proceeded to blow the whistle again. only 5 year old kids do that kind of thing. somehow she also got 2 more cards and thrown out of the game because she lost her temper and started cursing the guy for continuing to blow the damn whistle right next to her. seriously, thats what happened. the guy was card happy. i'm here to verify that 1 out of 8-10 calls tonight went in favor of Melissa's team. it was pretty lame. then i hear that you have to pay a $75 fine for getting red carded. are you fucking kidding me? in a recreational league? i can't even imagine how they justify that. its not like they lose money if someone gets tossed. anyway it was a big scene for a few moments and some of the girls are refusing to play if that guy refs their games anymore. i can't say i blame them. its supposed to be a fun, albeit competitive game and its being treated like the NBA. anyway.

something i was going to leave for the letter i'm writing, but i guess i'll mention it here too since its on my mind. there really isnt a subject i can put it under, so i'll just explain. i made a post just after my birthday mentioning how a person i considered to be my closest friend (Eddie, for anyone wondering) completely forgot about my birthday a mere 3 weeks after i treated him to dinner and a movie for his. i've known the guy for most of my life and our birthdays have magically always been exactly 3 weeks apart. it hurt but i never said anything. i'm not the kind of person who likes to bring guilt on someone. i kept hoping maybe he'd realize and apologize, or just acknowledge it. nothing ever happened and i wonder if i made the right decision in not bringing it up. like "hey do you even care that i remembered your birthday". granted, i was in SF the day of for a bachelor party, but i took him out the next night. it wasn't like i forgot. now, tonight i was talking to Melissa, and she was mentioning how she forgot about Chris' (my roommate/current closest friend) birthday etc etc and got him something blah blah. i wanted to say "yeah you forgot about my birthday too, in fact if i hadnt said something in passing 2 months afterwards you still would have no idea i have one, but i dont recall ever getting anything from you, regardless of the fact you said you'd make it up to me". but i didn't. i don't enjoy laying guilt trips on people. it doesn't seem to do anything for the friendship. but then i wonder, by not saying anything, do i end up holding a grudge? am i being petty? i mean its my birthday, yeah, but is it worth holding a grudge over? pretty much everyone overlooked mine, but that doesnt stop me from doing what i can to help celebrate theirs. i just seem to stay a little mad over things like that. is that better or worse than reminding people how they fucked up? :\ i just can't help but wonder if i'm really important to people...or maybe its that i'm not that memorable or something despite my efforts to fight that...maybe i do something to deserve it? i don't know.

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drdelfi From: drdelfi Date: September 17th, 2003 08:08 am (UTC) (Link)
I know how that one goes. For years now I've bought birthday and Christmas presents for my friends, and not gotten anything in return, not even a "happy birthday." Hell, this year when my birthday rolled around, I got a book and a movie from a friend up in Washington, and that's it. Not even anything from my parents. So yeah, I know how it goes. I try to just let it go, but you're right--it's hard.
From: thereforeiam Date: September 17th, 2003 08:32 am (UTC) (Link)
You're not being petty.
I guess though maybe if no one knows youre holding a grudge because they forgot would be bad because then youre mad at someone who had no idea why.
Having your birthday forgotten does hurt. I'm not saying your feelings aren't justified because they are.

I remembered your birthday--do I count? :)
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