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last night was First Official Chef Chris Night at the new pad. i… - Speak Friend and Enter
Grammar and Lord of the Rings
last night was First Official Chef Chris Night at the new pad. i made Kennedy special burgers for 7. George Foreman grills are the shit. There was much rejoicing. My sentences are quite fragmented. there's still 3 left over, so that's nice. watching Sex and the City with your roommate's dad in the room is not as weird as I thought it would be...maybe cause there were 4 other people in the room as well. internet gets turned on today, in theory. its not that crucial to my existence, but mandatory nonetheless. since i imagine i won't really have it if i change jobs, having it at home is pretty important. so there's the justification.

speaking of jobs, sent out a resume yesterday for a job like the one i had before here. wrote my first cover letter, thought it was pretty good for a first try. speaking more of jobs, my boss confuses me. she sends mean bitchy emails and then is super nice in person. can we say non-confrontational? at least i try not to pretend i'm not more of a hard ass in emails than in person. watching Office Space last night woke me up to the realities of the workplace. what a joke.

i realized i already talked about Dream Theater. so what.
*Overture 1928
*Um...the song right after that on the album
*Pull Me Under
*The Silent Man
*Medley of instrumentals/solos that was the highlight of the show. Even threw in a couple riffs from LTE albums. Finished it off with the run in Dance of Eternity, John stood next to John who stood next to Jordan as they pulled off the sickest series of chords known to man, in unison. Jaw dropped. Why don't they allow video cameras at concerts, my memory isn't as good as film.

I dunno, they played other stuff. i loved it all.

My Dying Bride is on. there was a point where i worshipped this album. i do that a lot. maybe i listen to a cd to death.

what else? i don't know. no new epiphanies lately, how lame. bye.
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