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quick update i guess, no long windedness is forthcoming. began… - Speak Friend and Enter
Grammar and Lord of the Rings
quick update i guess, no long windedness is forthcoming.

began moving in with chris for six months. wasn't looking forward to the stress involved with moving to a new city and needing a job 3 weeks before the semester started (if i even find out THAT early). spring isn't that far away. in the process, trying to seriously condense my possessions. having furniture was cool when the other guy didn't have any. now i don't really need anything big for a couple years, at least. so if you want a couch or a recliner or something else come take it. my nomadic lifestyle has forced me to need very little. moving is still a bitch, though.

also, saw Dream Theater last night. not to belittle the previous performance of theirs I was fortunate enough to catch, but they were fucking ON last night. James' voice was outstanding and Petrucci basically left me in awe, yet again. those guys were phenomenal live, omg omg omg omg. didn't stay for Queensryche, i mean why bother? nothing would top DT.

so yeah, this week = moving and job hunting. i may only be here six months, but i won't last HERE for six months. ick.
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