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well Sonoma State is making it a lot harder for me to wait on them.… - Speak Friend and Enter
Grammar and Lord of the Rings
well Sonoma State is making it a lot harder for me to wait on them. basically nobody can tell me anything. "we don't have a set date when we stop admitting people" well why the hell did you say you did last time i called? basically chris needs to know by the end of the month if i'll move in with him or not, and i'm not even sure now that school will have a decision for me by then. it does me no good to sit around and wait into August for this. what happens mid-august when i find out i won't be admitted this semester? then i'm really screwed, i'll have to start the housing search over again.

the other possible option is to move to the santa rosa area anyway and be settled there at least for a little while, working, and then not have to move for spring. i haven't considered that one too much, it would just mean less money immediately and possibly being able to save more money beforehand. getting accustomed to the area could be nice, as well. i guess i have about a week to make this decision, nothing like pressure!
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