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there's a couple of california-related topics i wanted to express my… - Speak Friend and Enter
Grammar and Lord of the Rings
there's a couple of california-related topics i wanted to express my opinion on.

Recalling the Governor
if this was taking place NEXT year, i wouldn't care much. i don't really have any opinions on the matter for the most part, i don't know how being a governor works and i don't care to. however, attempting to do this right now is the worst idea. we are already past our budget deadline, and now people want to distract the governor from doing his job on that by trying to recall him in september. you know what this means? instead of DOING his job right now, and passing a budget so we can get fucking paid, he'll be trying to KEEP his job. that is useless to everyone. (Aaron Sorkin explained career politics so well in "American President") you want to get rid of him, fine, but for the love of god please pull his attention away from things when it doesn't matter quite so much.

Kobe Bryant
for the record, i believe he's innocent of sexual assault. that being said, my comment isn't even geared towards him. its about something i heard Charles Barkley say, when interviewed on a golf course about it. i believe his words were something to the effect of "its hard having money, everyone wants a piece" or something along those lines. i practically started foaming at the mouth at my mom, who was in the room. here's barkley, Sir Charles, who got to retire before he was 40 from a game after making hundreds of millions of dollars. if there is a person in the world that feels sorry for professional athletes, help me find them so they can die. i'm sure its SOOOOO hard to be in Kobe's shoes. damn, i would be sad too if i was 24 and rich beyond my wildest dreams from playing a game.

anyway, i never thought much of him as a person, and now i really don't. can't even keep his pants on, damn.
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