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bad things happened today. first i received a hand-me-down… - Speak Friend and Enter
Grammar and Lord of the Rings
bad things happened today.

first i received a hand-me-down computer at work to replace the one i'm using. i'm going to refuse it on principle because to me its an insult. lyle gets a brand new one and i, who has been there the longest of all the students, gets this 2 year old reject. fuck that.

[EDIT: turns out this was a rumor at the time...its been reconsidered since i wrote this]secondly, melissa was denied her promotion which is a total screw job. i think she's going to look for new employment now, because she was planning on buying a house this summer after getting the promotion, and now she can't. its so lame.

thirdly, one of the dogs murdered a stray cat right in front of me, and it scared me silly to see him go that nuts.
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