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obligatory monday morning post. i'm posting before cherie, what the… - Speak Friend and Enter
Grammar and Lord of the Rings
obligatory monday morning post. i'm posting before cherie, what the hell is going on! (nevermind, she just posted)

so saturday was my birthday. i unfortunately have to say that it was one of the lamest in recent memory. not because i didn't really do anything. i've really gotten over caring about the celebration of my birth, because to me it just means i've now got one less year to accomplish whatever i want to accomplish. what irked me is that my friends didn't seem to care either. thats somewhat unfair. it was mostly one friend, who i used to consider one of my 2 best friends. chris got off the hook with a call at like 11:30, heh. the friend i'm referring to is eddie, who i've known practically my whole life in some fashion and whose house i currently live in. he seemed more concerned with some trip with this girl he's interested in than in being a friend. you see, for eddie's birthday, i took him out to dinner and to see x2. on my birthday, i not only didn't see him, i didn't even hear from him. he showed up sunday to give me back my weird al cd and seemed to be oblivious to the fact that the day before was somewhat significant. its not tuesday and as far as i can tell, he either forgot entirely or didn't care. either way its bullshit. and i'm kinda pissed at him. not that i would ever say anything. i don't believe its necessary to remind people.

i did end up going out to Vallejo because that's the closest Rasputin's store, and picked up a few CDs. the new Dying Fetus owns you.

anyway. i also saw "Adaptation" this weekend and enjoyed it thoroughly. charlie kaufman wrote a movie about he process of him writing the movie about writing a movie..i think. the neat part was that i indentifed so readily with his character, played by Nic Cage. the thoughts we heard from his head were practically ripped out of my own. sitting down to write and being completely mentally distracted. absolute failure with girls, heh. i figure, if a guy can be so sad in most areas of life but write killer screenplays, maybe there is hope for me after all. :p

there was something else. what was it? wow, drawing a blank. i am taking next week off of work. i was hoping to film my counterstrike movie, but once again it seems nobody is available. so fuck it. maybe i'll just move on to my next idea, which requires a lot less people, and a lot less work. i think. behind the violence: the families of counterstrike. something like that.
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