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so more about "Equilibrium". if you didn't hear about it when it was… - Speak Friend and Enter
Grammar and Lord of the Rings
so more about "Equilibrium". if you didn't hear about it when it was in theaters, you fall into the group that comprises about 99.8% of America. i swear this movie had like no promotion and was in and out in like 3 weeks. i was all excited to see it and before i got to, it was already gone. so it finally came out on DVD like a week ago.

the premise of the movie is thus - if there was a way to suppress all the bad feelings people can have, like jealousy, rage, depression, would it be worth it if it meant also giving up the good feelings, like love and joy? in the movie, the human population says yes - they take multiple daily injections of a drug called Prozium II, which basically shuts off all feelings of any significant level. at first i thought it was all feeling, but after seeing people smirk and such throughout, there was a better explanation at the end.

i think thats an incredibly interesting question to ask, and the movie did an adequate job of exploring it. i suppose it could have been a much different movie if they really wanted to focus on that aspect. it wasn't quite the background on which all the action was played on, but it was close.

now, the action scenes. mostly gun violence, it revolved around this fighting discipline called "gun catta" or something. basically, a martial art using guns instead of melee weapons. using statistical probabilities to predict an opponent(s) attacks before they make them. its hard to explain. one scene illustrates it pretty well, where 8 police are surrounding the protagonist and he whips the guns around to precise points. its crazy style.

my favorite action sequence was at the end. the protagonist (Cleric Preston) fights his boss. they both have one handgun, and the entire duration of the fight entails the two of them repeatedly blocking any attempts by the other to line up a kill shot. its really remarkable. cool idea, i say.

so anyway, i liked it a lot.
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